Roblox Skydive Race Clicker Codes

The game also has a variety of obstacles that you must overcome such as wind, birds, and other players. You will need to be quick and accurate with your clicks to make it through each level. Compete against your friends or other players all over the world in this exciting and intense game!

Active Codes

300KGrpUse it to get 125 Wins
500KGrpUse it to get 125 Wins
5MVisitsUse it to get 125 Wins
97PercentUse it to get 150 Wins
MergeUse it to get a Weight Plate
SpinTheWheelUse it to get 2 Tickets

Expired Codes

100KGrpUse it to get 150 Wins
150KGrpUse it to get 150 Wins
1MVisitsUse it to get 100 Wins
2MVisitsUse it to get 125 Wins
40KGrpUse it to get some Wins
96PercentUse it to get 150 Wins
DiamondUse it to get 150 Wins
GoldenUse it to get a Golden Flate
REBIRTHNEWUse it to get 10k Wins & 25% Acceleration for 2 hours
releaseUse it to get some rewards & boosts

How to redeem codes in Skydive Race Clicker?

Follow the steps below to redeem the codes in Skydive Race Clicker:

You have to launch the game and tap on the Twitter button at the bottom right side. After that, input the code in the text box and strike the Redeem button to receive a reward.