Rock Mine Simulator Codes

Roblox Rock Mine Simulator is an exciting game that will take you on a journey of training, mining, and collecting valuable rewards. Your first task is to train your character diligently. Strengthen your abilities, improve your mining skills, and grow in power to become a formidable miner.

Active Codes

UPDATEUse it to get 5 minutes of x3 Power
ROCKUse it to get 1 free Rebirth
RELEASEUse it to get 250 Power
MINERUse it to get unlock Desert Zone
LUCKYDUCKYUse it to get 10 minutes of Super Luck
HYPEUse it to get a free Hype Gift
CCGAMESUse it to get 5 minutes of x3 Wins

How to Redeem Rock Mine Simulator Codes?

You have to follow the steps below to redeem Rock Mine Simulator codes:

  • Begin by launching the game on Roblox and locate the Codes button, represented by a Twitter bird icon. 
  • Click on it to trigger the appearance of a text input box. 
  • Within the text input box, input the active code. 
  • To finalize the process, press the Redeem button to receive your rewards.