Simple Starter Bases – Survival Minecraft

Mountain Starter Base

To make the mountain starter base in Minecraft, follow this guide.

Material List

You’d need following items.

90 Spruce Planks
16 Spruce Trapdoors
11 Glass
8 Oak Logs
7 Spruce Stairs
3 Glass Pane
2 Spruce Slabs
1 Spruce Door

Interior List

You’d need the following Interior list.

2 Ladders
2 Leafs
1 Loom
1 Crafting Table
1 Pot
1 Ferm
1 Coral
1 Armor Stand
4 barrels
4 Chests
3 Book Shelves
3 Paintings
2 Furnaces
2 Smokers
4 Sea Pickles
1 Bone Meal

To make the mountain starter base, you’d need to follow the following steps:

Step 1: Find yourself a good mountain where you can build your base.

Step 2: We are going to start by making the outside of our starter base.

Step 3: Now, make the second hole of our layout.

Step 4: Let’s start with the inside of our build.

Step 5: This is going to be a beautiful window.

Step 6: Mine a 3-block long tunnel. Min is also 3 blocks above you.

Step 7: Mine 3 blocks to this side an expand the area.

Step 8: Replace the wall with spruce wood.

Step 9: Good job, we are now going to start with our interior.

Step 10: This interior will make your base more alive.

Step 11: Let’s start with our aquarium.

Step 12: This is going to look amazing in your survival world.

Step 13: You can decorate it however you like.

Step 14: Let’s add some more decoration.

Step 15: This base has everything you need in the early game of your world.

Step 16: And our mountain starter base is done.

Step 17: This base is so pretty! Let’s go to the next base.

Underwater Base

In this part, you’ll learn how to make the Underwater Base.

Material List

You’d need the following materials.

40 Oak Logs
40 Spruce Planks
11 Slabs
5 trapdoors
6 Spruce Stairs
4 Ladders
9 Glass

Interior List

You’d need the following Interiors Items.

3 Carpet
6 Barrels
2 Furnaces
1 Crafting Table
2 Armor Stand
3 Smokers

Follow the following steps to make the Underwater Base.

Step 1: We are now going to make this beautiful underwater starter base.

Step 2: You can also build this underground without an ocean.

Step 3: I am going to build it in the ocean.

Step 4: You can use a door to regain air so you can build easier.

Step 5: Let’s start by building the foundation of our base.

Step 6: Start by placing a trapdoor with slabs next to it.

Step 7: We use logs next to the slabs.

Step 8: Replace these blocks with glass for an amazing look.

Step 9: Let’s go inside.

Step 10: This build is 5 blocks deep. Use ladders to go up and down.

Step 11: Remove all blocks below the glass.

Step 12: Remove one ladder and make a spruce floor.

Step 13: Remove the block at all sides like this.

Step 14: This build is great for your survival world.

Step 15: Now, let’s add some Oak logs in the corners.

Step 16: Also connect the logs at the top.

Step 17: Add some torches and replace the walls with spruce planks after that.

Step 18: Add spruce stairs in two rooms.

Step 19: Add any workstations/type of storage you like.

Step 20: We are going to make our bedroom on this wall.

Step 21: Place your last decoration and the build is done.

Mushroom Starter House

To make the Mushroom Starter House, follow this part.

Material List

You’d need the following materials.

6 Ladders
7 Spruce Slabs
27 Trapdoors
4 Glass Pane

Interior List

You’d need the following Interior items.

3 Carpet
2 Barrels
2 Furnaces
1 Crafting Table
1 Armor Stand
2 Leafs
1 Lantern
1 Anvil
1 Bed

Follow the steps below to make the Mushroom Starter House.

Step 1: This starter Mushroom Base is really cool!

Step 2: Place some ladders like this one the mushroom.

Step 3: Place a floor out of slabs.

Step 4: This is my favorite starter farm out of all starter farms.

Step 5: Let’s make the interior.

Step 6: You can add any workstation you like.

Step 7: Place 4 white glass panes in these positions.

Step 8: We are now going to place an anvil with 2 leaves on top.

Step 9: Let’s decorate the last things.

Step 10: This is optional and can take some more work.

Step 11: Place trapdoors on the bottom side and the top side.