Spectral Secrets Complete Guide – Genshin Impact

In this guide, I will share with you everything that you should take note of when doing this new event.

You need to complete the “floating spirits – The investigation Begins” event quest before you can join the event.

This event quest can be activated by talking to Katheryn in Inazuma.

There will be 8 investigations (1x S-rank commission, 2x A-rank commissions) available every day and you can only dispatch 4 of them per day.

It is best for you to complete 1 S-rank commission, 2 A-rank commissions, and 2 B-rank commissions to get the maximum amount of primogems rewards.

For the S-rank commission, you are required to complete the preliminary investigation before you can dispatch.

For the day 1 preliminary investigation, you need to light up 3 stone lamps for the specters to spawn.

You can light up stone lamps with the help of electrogranum.

You can try to use elemental sight to look for the stone lamps if you’re unable to find them.

After lighting up all 3 stone lamps, defeat all the specters and the S-rank commission will be unlocked.

Each expedition required at least 2 characters and you can’t use characters that are currently in the normal expedition.

It is best for you to use the characters with an element that is being recommended as it will increase your expedition rating and rewards.

The character list is automatically sorted based on the recommended elements so it is fine for you to just lick on the first few characters.

If you don’t have that many characters for both normal expeditions and events for both normal expeditions, you can try to use one of your own characters and pick one of your friend’s characters.

If you would like to share your characters with your friends, make sure to put them in the character showcase in the Painmon menu > “Edit Profile”.

If you’re just starting out in Genshin Impact, you can try to look for friends to help you out with the event expeditions in our friendly discord server.

It is fine even if you’re unable to reach the perfect expedition rating because you might just be missing out on one or two of the materials.

For B-rank expeditions, you can try to pick the materials reward that you need the most out of the 4 available options.