The Best Basketball Games on Roblox

Shooting hoops on a court feels refreshing and challenging but doing it online is still no easy Task. Although nowhere near the level of detail and gameplay mechanics of games such as NBA 2K23, Roblox features a handy selection of Basketball titles. In this guide, you’ll revisit the top 10 basketball games available on Roblox and what distinguishes each one of them. Without further ado, let’s dive in.

Hoop Genius

The first game on the list is Hoop Genius, it is a Mypark-styled Roblox game that features a decent approach to recognizing a player’s skills. The map is unique with a fire marking the bounds of the court. The statistics are recorded, allowing multiple players to judge who’s good and who’s bad at basketball.

The controls are relatively simple and Hoop Genius boasts of a unique ranking system. The most unique feature is the Challenge Format where players have to stand on the platform until the two players are finished playing their game.

It’s essentially a 1v1 basketball game but it becomes intense and interesting when two evenly-matched players compete. The game also offers an in-game shop that’s much better than other games due to the sheer amount of content that it has to offer.

NBA: Phenom Practice

Before becoming the best, players have to train like the best and outwork any other player. NBA: Phenom Practice Facility does exactly that by providing a training court for players to enhance and better their dribbling and shooting skills. With detailed controls for each move, players will learn how to execute basic skills and outmaneuver other players in a 1v1 scenario.

The game doesn’t have any UI, which is beneficial as players don’t have to follow any set objectives and can practice all they want, in their unique way. Players looking to enhance and improve their Basketball skills should opt for this Roblox title, as the very least it will teach you to dribble and shoot buckets.

Hoops – Demo

A decent third-person Basketball game, Hoops: Demo is a demo game, still in development but features great movement mechanics and smooth gameplay. It has a third-person POV which is beneficial in movement and strategizing your next move by looking at the opponents’ player positions.

It also boasts a detailed set of controls, with buttons for each move that a player can execute. With seemingly no UI (User Interface) and a single map, the game has its limitations. Having no UI is better as dealing with the annoying UI is a problem faced by everyone who’s played a Roblox game.

Also, players can’t break immersion in this game and can even AFK as other players outside can take over your character. Another drawback is there’s no customer customization, leaving players with a generic basketball player. Good thing it’s a basketball game and not the Sims.

3 on 3

A simple and handy game, 3 on 3 is a basketball game, perfect for starters and beginners getting into Basketball games. Essentially a clicker game, players have to point and shoot. The game takes place inside a half-court map with the 3 person teams divided into Team Red and Blue.

There’s a stats table displayed at the top right of the screen which notes down the Points, Assists, Steals, Rebounds, and Blocks performed by the player. The half-court map is ideal for a speed run or a quick playoff between two players.

The User Interface is decent and serves best for beginners. For experienced players looking for a challenge, this game might be all too simple for you.


A much more dedicated and serious basketball game, Phenom boasts an excellent UI and smooth gameplay for a better playing experience. There are dedicated separate keys for different maneuvers such as the C-Key helps execute a crossover while the T-key dunks the ball into the net.

The game maps are fleshed out in high detail and there are several courts to choose from. The Practice Arena has an exciting feature, the waiting room where players can see other players practicing.

Phenom has an immersive and detailed gameplay and although it’s unpopular, the fluid and game mechanics are still above most of the conventional games. It has three game modes; Quick MatchPlayground, and Practice.

Basketball Mypark 2K21

One of the more impressive games, Basketball Mypark 2K21 is set on a beachside map where there are several courts in a row facing the open water. The Scoreboard and the Leaderboard are suspended in the air in the game, above in the sky. Players can also see a waiting queue on the sidelines for the next game.

There are different sets of courts, for each game type. Another interesting thing is players can request for music to be played but it’s contingent on spending Robux in the game shop. Players can choose from different game modes such as Team, Playground, or Practice.

Fixed Ro-Hoops

A fun addition to Basketball games, Ro-Hoops is a Roblox game. It features an insane amount of realistic content. The game has two maps but only the Urban Court one is unlocked. The other map is locked. The map design is suitable as the game uses 3D assets instead of an image background.

The controls are a bit difficult to understand at first but with time players can master them to become a champion. The Scorecard is situated at the top center of the screen. Overall, the game holds up its own and requires time and patience to master the art of Basketball.

RB World 2

Finally, a Roblox basketball game with decent character customization, RB World 2 is one exceptional game. With HD and vivid graphics and solid gameplay, RB World 2 leaves no stone unturned.

It boasts a superior User Interface and three customizable character slots that players can tweak according to their preferences. The gameplay engine runs smoothly and there are very few bugs inside the game.

The game features roles and stats for every player and players can unlock four levels of customization within the game. The controls are intuitive and flexible, making it one of the more easier and comfortable games to play for casual players.

Lastly, the playstyles are also customizable, allowing players to modify and control the way their character plays basketball. It is highly recommended for players looking for a top-notch Basketball game in Roblox.

Luke Gabriel’s Basketball Gym

Another classic, Luke Gabriels’s Basketball Gym lets the player experience basketball from a first person’s POV. The map in the game is enormous and the game feels more like a MMORPG than a basketball game.

The game has two maps to choose from; Park Court and Gym Court. The Park Court has a nice serene park surrounding the court and the gym court is perfect for street basketball and twisting your opponent’s ankles while dribbling away from them.

Luke Gabriel’s Basketball Gym features four different game modes; 1v12v23v3, and 4v4. The controls are downright simple, as it’s a pointer game, players just have to click and shoot. The game features a Point Counter and a Music setting.

These features help increase the immersive experience of playing online basketball. Lastly, the game includes a leaderboard for players to flex their biggest achievements. Get this game now and try getting your name on the leaderboards.

NBA Finals Forever and Ever

NBA Finals Forever and Ever lets players play the NBA Finals 7-game series. Previously named NBA Finals 2020, it was renamed to NBA Finals Forever and Ever as players can play 2019, 2020, and 2021 Finals too.

Players are divided into two opposing teams, competing for the NBA championship, usually Miami Heat and LA Lakers. The uniforms are spot-on and all the starting players from the three finals are playable. The game consists of a single map, a basketball court illuminated by lights and everything out of bounds is dark.

Players can do warm-up rounds before gearing up to play for the finals. NBA Finals Forever and Ever has five game modes; CasualRankedClassicPractice, and Leaderboards. The controls are relatively easy as it’s a pointer game. Players need to click at the ball and then click again to release it.

The game stands out with its Intro Animation before the start of any game, creating a more immersive experience for players. This game is ideal for nostalgic basketball enthusiasts, looking to play in the NBA Finals.

That’s all from this guide. Remember to check out the controls before embarrassing yourself and try emulating them first on a practice court.