The Best Horror Multiplayer Games in Roblox

Roblox has every kind of game on its platform for all ages and genres. One such popular genre is Horror Games. But let’s be real. Nobody likes exploring Horror games by themselves. Worry not, as this guide lists thirteen different multiplayer Horror-based games available on Roblox. Let’s dive in!

The Mimic

The Mimic is a multiplayer survival horror game spanning four chapters or books. Each book consists of players playing a new character tasked with escaping from different monsters. Fashioned from Japanese history and urban legends, The Mimic delivers a horrifying storytelling experience that leaves players clutching their hearts.

The Multiplayer aspect of this game is incredible, allowing up to 10 people in a single round. Alternatively, players can go Solo or team up with five players to traverse the otherwordly realms in this game. There are many interesting things to discover and some things players would wish they didn’t. Grab your teammates and try surviving the surreal and terrifying landscape of the Mimic.


A horror game out of East Asia, Kampong has a mix of Singaporean, Nusantara, and Islamic influences. The player plays as Hakim, a paranormal investigator who goes to his grandfather’s village and has to complete various tasks.

The game is divided into three different stories and has a multiplayer mode, allowing you to have some company while exploring the island. The main task of this game is to photograph the ghosts or jinns haunting the island, and in some cases, you have to banish them too.

It’s a well-made game with different tasks for different storylines and multiple endings based on the player’s actions. Kampong guarantees to keep players on the edge of their seats and is best enjoyed in the multiplayer mode.


Set in the 1970s, Judy is an intense horror adventure-based game. In Multiplayer mode, the player and their friends must explore the decrepit Judy World, an amusement park, to learn more about the animatronic Judy and her tragic past. The game is quite disturbing and features a lot of jumpscares, a word of caution for those with faint hearts.

The game mirrors the graphics of the 70s, and players have to solve puzzles to get important clues and answers regarding Judy’s past. Judy is divided into three chapters, each focusing on a new setting. It is suggested to play Judy with your friends to at least have some comfort in sharing this truly horrible experience.


Based on the urban legend of Black-eyed children, Elmira aims to give a bone-chilling experience to anyone who plays it. Players fall asleep on a bus during a school trip and then find themselves awake in the dead of night to find everyone missing and an eerie old hospital in sight.

The goal of this game is to find out what happened and survive. The Black-eyed Children is a contemporary American legend about paranormal creatures donning the appearance of children with pale skin and black eyes.

Elmira features elements of intriguing mystery coupled with sheer terror to complete an amazing multiplayer experience. Playing with other players in Multiplayer mode is recommended to get the most out of this terrifying game.


A survivalist-multiplayer horror game, Awakened places you in a forest where monsters lurk. The goal of this game is to survive as long as you can. Players and their friends have to team up, in Multiplayer mode, to defeat the numerous terrifying monsters in the game.

Sporting similar game mechanics as The Rake, Awakened is an endless survival horror game with players trying to progress through each day and night cycle alive. Players must hold out as long as possible, but that’s no easy task. Players were forced to enter this evil forest; the only way out was through. Teaming up with fellow players is essential to surviving this difficult and ghastly game.

Hunting Season

Another endless multiplayer survival game, Hunting Season, pits the player against the Walkers. The Walkers are spider-like terrifying entities that spawn on special nights example when the moon turns red. Players can run and hide or team up and strategize to fight. Another benefit is that players will have military help regarding weapons, armour, and health kits.

Set in the forest like the Rake and Awakened, players must strategize carefully to defeat these tough-to-kill Walkers. Hunting Season is a perfect horror game to play with your friends for a fun horror game experience. A word of caution, if you see a blue moon, it means the Dreadwalker, the strongest of them all, has spawned and is heading your way.


A fun take on horror games, 3008 features a distant future where the player is trapped inside an endless IKEA-like warehouse trying to fight the employees, who are faceless monsters roaming in the night and killing all they can see.

The player can build bases and forts from the infinite furniture inside the warehouse, and they can push employees to oblivion by building tall structures and luring the employees to heights. It’s another endless survival game with the sole mission to survive the day and night cycle. Ironically, the day cycle is the timings of Ikea stores, and the night cycle is when the store is closed.

Employees turn into monsters during the night cycle. Sporting building mechanics similar to Minecraft, players can build and craft complex structures to protect themselves and fellow players from the scary faceless lifeforms employees turn into during the night. Consisting of a Solo and a Multiplayer mode, players should opt for the multiplayer mode as playing with other players becomes much more fun.


Blair is a Phasmophobia-inspired ghost-hunting horror game on Roblox. Players can go at it Solo or in multiplayer mode. Players have to identify 12 different types of ghosts across multiple maps. In the multiplayer mode, players can have three friends working with them to collect the necessary evidence to identify ghosts.

Players can also buy the items needed to identify the ghost, but they require Robux currency. These items are vital, and they help in the long run. Players have to find six pieces of evidence to identify a ghost. While some ghosts are friendly, others are downright terrifying, adding an element of thrill and worried anticipation in the players’ minds.

Blair is best played with other online players, helping players find the evidence before the ghosts turn malevolent. Head over to Roblox to see if you’re ghost-hunting skills are on par with your friends.


A Horror playthrough, Bewildered is sure to send shivers down your back. It tells the story of a mutant villager you and your family encountered by moving into the village. Bewildered contains triggering jumpscares, explicit content, and loud noises.

Players must navigate the gloomy environment, discover clues and simultaneously avoid the paranormal entities haunting the village. Bewildered keeps players on their toes and their ears alert for suspicious noises.

Players can enjoy this game in Multiplayer mode, enlisting the help of other players to track down the mutant villager and investigate the abnormal activities. It is recommended to use Headphones to get the most out of Bewildered.


A Japanese folklore-inspired game, Akumu is a well-designed and incredibly scary horror game. Featuring a linear and decent gameplay experience, Akumu tells the story of an ancient folklore that promised immortality but at a cost. A doomed man summons an otherworldy spirit, “Her,” and learns the terrifying truth about the folktale.

In a Multiplayer game, players can team up with five other players and find themselves locked in a maze. Players must find a key that opens the Golden Doorknob and allows them to escape the hellish landscape. It may sound easy, but seeing this game through to the end is a real challenge.

Akumu uses immersive sounds and linear gameplay to deliver one of Roblox’s most thrilling and heart-stopping horror games. Get your friends and hop on to this game to solve the ancient mystery haunting the cryptic maze.


A psychological thriller, Void, is one of the most terrifying games available on Roblox. It is highly recommended to play this game with your friends, as it contains a lot of scenes that will keep you awake at night.

The story is based on a nightmare where the player sleeps and finds themselves in a warped reality, crossing the lines between life and death. It’s a jarring experience as there are several chapters, and the dialogue is well-written, all combining to deliver horrors beyond your comprehension.

The story is fascinating, immersing players deeper into the game, and it’s thrilling to play with your friends. Players are stuck in a different dimension, filled with all manners of vile creatures, and must look for a way out. Good luck playing this game alone.

Little Nightmares 2: The Hunters Cabin

A fan-made adaptation of Little Nightmares 2, The Hunters Cabin, is a brilliant recreation of the original series. Labelled as a puzzle-platformer-horror-adventure game, but it is essentially a showcase game.

As a role-player horror game, players can use many morphs, multiple tools, and room mechanics to escape whatever is chasing them. It also depicts a stark and chilling atmosphere not to let players settle for normal.

Players will need a capable system, as playing at their highest graphics is recommended. Since there are clues and things to discover, players need good graphics to discern them in the dimly lit and ghastly environment.

Frigid Dusk

Set in the 1960s around the Himalayans, Frigid Dusk delivers players with a chilly and terrifying experience. The players roleplay as scientists, and they must escape the facility by exploring and completing objectives amidst the horrors trapped within it.

Frigid Dusk is divided into chapters, each dealing with a specific objective. Unlike other games on this list, Frigid Dusk is fast-paced and rushes the player into deciding between death and survival. It can be played in Solo or Multiplayer mode with three additional players.

Players must complete various puzzles and defeat monsters in this game to progress to higher levels. The graphics are top-notch, and the game requires basic problem-solving skills and talent. Frigid Dusk will send icy shivers if you’re playing alone.

That’s all from this list of Horror games available on Roblox. These games are Multiplayer, so grab your friends and head to Roblox to get your heart racing.