The Best Weapon Wheel Loadout – GTA 5 Online

GTA 5 Online has a large array of weapons to choose from. With only eight slots for each type of weapon, making the right choices becomes difficult. Worry not, as today’s guide will look at the best Weapons players can equip on their Weapon Wheel for Casual, PvP, and Money Grinding gameplay. Without further ado, let’s dive in.

Weapon & Weapon Wheel Modifications

Players can customize their Weapon Wheel and upgrade their weapons at Gun Lockers. One such location of the Gun Locker is the Agency. It’s also known by its legal name, “F. Clinton and Partner“. It comes with your private office, personnel, and, most importantly, a Gun Locker.

Players can visit the Gun Locker in the Agency to modify their Weapon Wheel, hiding and showing specific weapons in the Weapon Wheel. They can also speak to the Requisitions Officer to purchase and upgrade their Weapons.

Players can upgrade their weapons to Mark Two if they have unlocked Bunker Research. Speaking to the Requisitions Officer, the player can customize their weapons, adding tints and changing liveries, adding modifications such as muzzles, scopes, extended magazines, and types of ammunition.

Another such location that allows players to do all of this is the Mobile Operations Center or MOC. In addition to the Gun Locker, players have access to the MK.2 Weapons Bay, allowing them to enhance their weapons to Mark Two, increasing damage, fire rate, and other useful firearms upgrades.

Weapon Wheel Loadout

Since there are only eight slots for each weapon type, players can access all their weapons using this smart hack. Head over to your Interaction Menu and select the Inventory Option. Scroll down to the end of the list and select the Disable Custom Weapon Loadout option.

Voila! Players can now access all the weapons in their respective slots. It allows for a much more range and diversity of weapons, giving players more options in combat situations.

Let’s take a look at the best-performing weapons in each category.


The first weapon equipped is the 50. Cal Pistol. A suppressor, an extended clip and a flashlight supplement it. The ideal weapon for Stealth and Heist missions is this pistol for taking multiple enemies out silently. The flashlight helps execute kills in low-light areas.

Next, the Flare Gun is equipped. A fun weapon to operate, players can set people to fire when used up and close. The main reason for having it in the Weapon Wheel is that players can utilize it to protect against incoming rockets. It acts as a deterrent, making the rocket explode before it can reach the player. It’s a great defensive weapon and vital when playing against other players who routinely use RPGs and Rockets.

The AP Pistol is modified with an extended clip and a suppressor. Primarily used for stealth missions, this pistol acts as a workhorse as it’s quite versatile. It can be used inside vehicles and is excellent for close-quarters combat. It does unlock after a long while, surpassing the SMG, but players will surely fall in love when they use it.

The last pistol and the most interesting one, the Up-n-Atomizer, is a unique weapon. Straight out of a science fiction movie, this gun has no ammunition and shoots a yellow glowing coil beam that explodes after half a second or upon impact. It’s one of the most important weapons in the game and is fun when playing with friends. The Coil Beam helps move stuck vehicles and stuns and sends targets flying. A must-have for Money Grinding playstyle or playing in PvP.

Machine Guns

The Combat MG MK.2 variant is a powerful, upgraded version of the Combat MG. Players should add a Grip, Muzzle Brake, an Extended Clip, Large Scope and Heavy Barrel. The extended clip provides 200 rounds per magazine, allowing players to shoot without stopping.

It’s a useful weapon when facing many enemies, as this heavily-modded gun will not disappoint you. The Heavy Barrel ensures that every bullet significantly damages opponents; overall, it’s a very effective weapon.

Assault Rifles

The first of the three ARs is the Special Carbine MK.2. An upgraded assault rifle, it is further modified with a Grip, an Extended Clip, a Flashlight, a Heavy Barrel and a Holographic Sight. This rifle is loaded with standard Ammunition.

The Bullpup Rifle MK.2 is fitted with a Grip, Flashlight, Heavy Barrel, Muzzle Brake, Medium Scope and most importantly, Full Metal Jacket Rounds. This upgraded ammunition allows players to shoot through bulletproof glass. This ability comes in handy during NPC missions and for PvP mode. Especially in PvP, when opponent players use bulletproof vehicles, this hard-hitting rifle will ensure your bullets don’t go to waste.

The Carbine Rifle MK.2 is fitted with a Small Scope, a Heavy Barrel, a Grip, a Suppressor and Armour Piercing Rounds. The Armour Piercing rounds allow players to score a One-shot kill against enemy players, wearing bulletproof vests and helmets. Very advantageous weapon to have in PvP mode, where bulletproof vests and helmets are the norms.

Using three different kinds of ammunition allows players to adapt to changing scenarios and lets them deal significant damage despite the opponent’s best defences. Players should equip different types of ammunition for their primary shooting weapon, which in most cases are Assault Rifles.

Sniper Rifles

The Heavy Sniper Rifle MK.2 is the first of the two sniper rifles in this category. Already upgraded, it is further modified by a Heavy Barrel, a Thermal Scope, a Muzzle Brake and Explosive Rounds. The Explosive rounds are overkill on this weapon, but it’s up to the players to equip such damaging ammunition. The Thermal Scope is vital for the sniper rifle’s smooth functioning and accuracy.

The Marksman Rifle MK.2 is another upgraded weapon supplemented with a Muzzle Brake, Extended Clip, Heavy Barrel, Grip and Zoom Scope. Players can also use a regular scope, which lets players Auto-lock onto enemy targets like an Assault rifle. It’s a nice addition to the Sniper Rifle category, offering players more pin-point accuracy over longer distances when compared to the utter destruction of the Heavy Sniper Rifle.

Melee Weapon

Normally, players equip two or three melee weapons, but for the best performance, players only need one weapon. The Stone Hatchet is a deadly and powerful melee weapon. Essentially just an axe, it resembles something made by a primitive human. It’s the most powerful melee weapon in the game.

When a player scores a kill using this gnarly weapon, it activates Stone Hatchet Rampage, making the player unkillable for at least 12 seconds and further kills prolong the duration. It’s a crucial melee weapon and performs way better than any other melee weapon in the game. It can also be used while being on a motorcycle.


The Assault Shotgun is fitted with a Grip, an Extended Clip and a Suppressor. The Suppressor makes for a nice-sounding weapon and enhances the basic gameplay of the Assault Shotgun. Another powerful and important weapon, this weapon does devastating damage to enemies, has a wide pellet spread and works in almost all kinds of scenarios. Don’t miss out on this incredibly dominant weapon.

The Pump Shotgun MK.2 is an upgraded variant of the Pump Shotgun, and it is further modified with a Flashlight, Explosive Slugs, Holographic Sight and a Muzzle Brake. The primary usage of this weapon is for the Explosive Slugs, which serve as a last resort when confronted by groups of enemies. It also works brilliantly as a handy backup to the powerful Assault Shotgun.

The Sweeper Shotgun is a relatively unknown weapon in the game. It resembles a mini-shotgun and is included mainly because it can be used on a motorcycle. It’s a fully automatic shotgun that deals overwhelming damage and is a useful weapon to equip when riding on a motorcycle. The aiming part is a bit difficult, but it makes up for it in the amount of damage it causes on the road.

Heavy Weapons

The Railgun is the first of the five heavy weapons equipped in the Weapon Wheel. It’s a long-range prototype weapon that shoots ammunition at the speed of sound. The ammunition explodes on impact, making it heavily deadly and accurate. The Railgun can be an alternative to a sniper rifle with non-Explosive rounds as the railgun’s ammunition explodes on impact.

The Grenade Launcher provides a fully automatic option for Explosive rounds. The Launcher has a good range, is versatile and is adept at taking out vehicles. The Grenade Launcher has ten rounds and packs immense firepower that other weapons can’t match. It is highly recommended to equip this one for when things go awry.

The RPG is a tried and tested weapon, a staple of shooting games and provides players with quick, explosive firepower for far-away enemies. Its reloading speed is incredible as it reloads faster than some guns despite being a heavy weapon. It’s quite adept at killing NPCs and other online players, as GTA veterans will know.

The Minigun is an awesomely overpowered heavy weapon, allowing players to discharge up to 9,999 rounds without breaking a sweat. The sheer volume of rounds being discharged makes it one of the most powerful weapons in the game. Players can overwhelm players and enemy NPCs with this God-tier weapon. There’s no reloading, no uninterrupted firing; this weapon is for those who have an appetite for gratuitous violence.

The Compact Grenade Launcher resembles a revolver but does far more damage than a revolver. It’s a relatively unknown weapon, and it’s included here because it’s another weapon that can be used while riding a motorcycle. This grants players explosive capability on a motorcycle in addition to the firepower and melee damage previously equipped.


Throwables are crucial as they serve simultaneously as your defensive and offensive weapons. Players can use these strategically to set up a corner, an ambush or a defensive position or throw them in a fight to cause confusion and havoc. Specific throwables have different abilities for different scenarios. Let’s see.

The throwables include Grenades, Sticky Bombs, Proximity Mines, Pipe Bombs, Tear Gas, Molotovs and Jerry Cans. Grenades. Sticky Bombs and Proximity Mines are useful for money-grinding against NPCs. Tear Gas is effective against NPCs, confusing and disorienting them. Molotovs and Jerry Cans are effective and adept for Payphone Hits. Molotovs can be used on a Motorcycle.

The Throwables offer an initial Explosive option against enemies before peppering them with live ammunition from various firearms. They also are adept at distracting enemies and can be used as a last resort. Players can also use throwables when firing weapons. Press the Left arrow button whenever you’re aiming down sights and shooting, and the player will throw out a throwable you have selected at the aiming reticle.

That’s all from this comprehensive guide. Remember to upgrade your firearms and disable the Custom Weapon Wheel option to have more variety of options. Thanks for reading this through. Adios!