The Secret Society And Sprites – The Sims 4

This guide will provide you with everything you need to know about the Secret Society And Sprites in The Sims 4 Discover University. 

Whether your sim is enrolled in the right Chester or Foxberry, you’ll be able to join the secret society.

Make an Excellent quality Offering.

The first thing you have to do is track down an excellent quality offering. A rare metal or crystal and an excellent quality cake work well for this.

Once you gather your offerings, you’ll need to head over to your university’s main statue and make an offering for academic success.

After that, you’ll get a moodlet depending on how well your offering went. This can be a focus plus one or plus two moodlet. To get into the secret society, you need to get a surreal focus plus three moodlet following your offering which suggests that you made someone out there very very happy.

After getting this moodlet, you can go about living your best life at university. In the next few nights, you’ll be visited around midnight by two of the secret society members. They might be in costume or in normal clothes, they’ll invite you to join the secret society, and then you’ll be in. 

It is optional but the first thing you have to do is use a wardrobe to plan outfits and make your very cool secret society outfit. You can wear it whenever you like, the robe is located in full-body outfits while the mask is within the accessory section.

Level up as a member.

The secret society also known as the order of enchantment focuses on sprites. You’ll notice these cute little things flying around the university statutes and around your sim as well. You’ll find a progress bar that shows you as a new member. You need to fill this bar up to become a seasoned member and filling it twice will make you a senior member.

Complete tasks

There are a few ways to fill it, the first one is by completing tasks. You’ll have three of these tasks at any one time and they’ll reset on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday morning at around 9 00 a.m.

The tasks usually involve providing an offering to the ritual altar or tending to plants that grow around the altar are optional. But will give a decent boost to the progress bar. 

You have to give an offering that’s a metal or a crystal, a half vestibule, or food, and the ritual altar is located in the Gibbs hill area to the west of the pepper’s pub across the stream.

You’ll notice a fairy ring of mushrooms with a flat stone in the middle. The stone is the altar where you can make your offerings to the sprites and even check in with the sprites for potential boosting effects.

Attend the events

There’s one more way to raise your sims progress bar and advance the order by attending the sprite celebration ritual events at the ritual altar on Fridays, Sundays, and Wednesdays from 10 p.m to 2 a.m the following morning. They’re very much like a secret society gathering in the middle of the night.

The members will introduce themselves with a very cute hand gesture and any offerings you make to the sprites during this time will help them fill the progress bar.

If you interact with society members during the event times, you can also choose interactions that have a social mask symbol next to them.

Each successful interaction during event hours will provide a boost to your progress bar and spamming these interactions is the easiest way to progress and rank up in society.

As a new member, you can access both the robe and the mask. When you become a seasoned member, you’ll get upgraded rank 2 robes which have a silver trim, and also get access to the sprite attack power that will summon orange sprites to pester the target sim giving them a tense plus three moodlet for four hours as the sprites follow them around.

When you reach rank 3 of the secret society, you’ll get rank 3 robes that have gold trim and you’ll unlock the ability to summon powerful sprites on yourself.

There are three kinds of sprites to choose from that are focused, love, and inspirational sprites.

The purple focus sprites are the best ones. If you choose this, your sim will get a focus plus three moodlet for 12 hours increasing career and grades performance. During this time, it maxes your sim’s hunger and energy needs and keeps them maxed for the moodlet’s duration.

Pink love sprites will provide a flirty plus three moodlet for 12 hours and provide a strong boost to all romantic interactions for the duration.

Finally, light blue inspiration sprites will give your sim an inspired plus 3 moodlet for 12 hours and your sim will make higher quality art and music as well as train their creative skills faster while the moodlet is active. 

Note that there is a lengthy cooldown meaning that you can’t spam or use these powers all too often but the good news is that you don’t have to be ranked 3 in the order of enchantment to have access to these powers.

If you regularly interact and give offerings to sprites and keep them happy then you can check in with them at the ritual altar. Doing so will give you a random buff from the sprites and this can include the three sprites just mentioned.

Another you can get is green sprites. This will give you an energized smoothlet that lasts for 12 hours and this will max your hygiene needs and keep it maxed for the duration making it very very handy for fitness-minded sims. Note that if you try to check in too often or if you don’t interact or satisfy sprites enough before checking in then you’ll be given a tense plus three moodlet for four hours as orange sprites surround you.

The good news is that if you perform a lot of funny romantic or mischievous interactions with other sims during this time then you can satisfy the sprites and clear the moodlet early. 

The final thing to note is that when you join the secret society, you’ll also gain the ability to use a research machine to research the local secret society providing a bit of an insight into the group which can be a bit of fun.

When you leave the university, you will get to keep the outfit unlocked. You will sadly lose access to your sprite powers and interactions, and with that, we’ve reached the end that’s everything there is to know about the sacred society and sprites.