The Ultimate Blunt Weapons Guide – Cyberpunk 2077

In Cyberpunk 2077, everyday household items can be utilized to inflict damage on your enemies. These blunt weapons come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from tire irons to cattle prods. This comprehensive guide ranks all blunt weapons throughout Night City and examines their combat effectiveness. Without further ado, let’s dive in.

The Build

First, we’ll examine the attributes required for a Blunt weapons-centric build. The first step involves upgrading the Body attribute as the Street Brawler perks directly boost blunt weapons. The Body attribute is upgraded to Level 20, and all the perks from the Street Brawler section are equipped. The Steel & Chrome and the Tenacious V perks are also unlocked from the Athletics section for boosting your Health. Using Blunt weapons involves close-quarters combat, making the player more susceptible to gun damage. For this reason, the Build’s defenses should hold up. The Technical Ability attribute is also increased to Level 18, allowing us to craft legendary gear.

In the Cool skill tree, the Assassin perk is unlocked in the Ninjutsu section, boosting 15% increased damage to human targets. The Cold Blood section of the Cool Skill tree is also fully opened, thus guaranteeing that as long as enemies keep dying, the player won’t. As blunt weapons occupy the lowest tier in damage dealt, this Build will also equip defensive cyberware to upgrade its defense. The Second Heart, the Bio-monitor, and the Pain Editor are essential implants to fit when using blunt weapons. The Build’s operating system will integrate the Dynalar MK.3 Sandevistan, allowing players to slow down time and get effective strikes from their blunt weapons. It also has a short cooldown period, allowing players to use Sandevistan frequently.

Blunt Weapons

Steel Pipe

The Steel Pipe sits bottom of this list as it deals the lowest amount of damage while having a base DPS of 1,084. It’s a prime example of how everyday items enter this list. This standard weapon is preferred by the lower-tier goons in Night City and is an effective blunt instrument. It has a 20% Bleed chance, a 3% Crit Chance and a 53% Critical Damage. The Pipe has a fast swing and can ‘plumb’ out some enemies in combat. The Legendary variant of this plumbing equipment can be acquired from the Animals Gym in Rancho Cornado, and its crafting spec can be obtained from the melee weapon vendor at the West Wing Estate. Surprisingly, this everyday item won’t be cheap as $38500 eddies are required to get the crafting specification. This guide recommends that players use that hard-earned money for something much superior.

Tire Iron

The Tire Iron boasts the same stats as the Steel Pipe. With a pointy end and a decent enough attack speed, this weapon ranks higher than the Steel Pipe because it is easier to hold than a steel pipe. This car essential can take down a cluster of enemies in the right leveled-up hands. Like the Steel pipe, the crafting specification can be acquired from the West Wing Estate melee weapon vendor for a whopping $38,500 eurodollars. The weapon can also be bought from the Animals Gym in Rancho Coronado for an outrageous $50,000, which could be a better investment given its stats and DPS. Along with the Steel pipe, these two items are the most ridiculously overpriced in the game. Don’t fall into this trap.

Monkey Wrench

The Monkey Wrench sits higher than the last two items. It has a base DPS of 1,207. Like the Pipe and the iron, the Bleeding, critical chance, and critical damage stats are the same. Due to its higher DPS, it’s better to use this weapon to destroy enemies over the last two weapons. Additionally, the Monkey Wrench has a unique sound when used to hit targets. It emits a realistic rattle on account of the moving parts of the tightening mechanism. This weapon can be acquired from the Animals Gym in Rancho Coronado, but since Patch 1.6, the area is bugged and hostile, and the weapon dealer tries to fight you when you enter. A hack for those looking to buy the weapons is to use Optical Camo or the whistle to summon him. A loss of $38,000 awaits players looking to buy this weapon.


The Crowbar is the favorite tool for thieves and burglars across Night City. It has a 1,207 DPS and a 3% Critical Chance, 20% Bleeding chance, and 53% Critical Damage. It may feel faster than the other three blunt weapons, but these all wield the same damage. The Crowbar allows you to play as Gordon Freeman from the popular Half-Life game series, as the description of this weapon states, “Favourite tool of burglars and theoretical physicists from MIT.” The quote, of course, references Gordon Freeman, who uses the Crowbar superbly throughout the game. Again this ridiculously overpriced item can be acquired from the West Wing Estate weapon vendor for $38,000 eurodollars.


The Hammer, the first two-handed weapon on this list, has a base DPS of 1,185. The stats are the same as for those above. It’s one of the slowest swing weapons in the game, allowing players to extract more damage from a single hit. It’s aptly described in the weapon’s description “With a hammer in your hand, every problem looks like a nail.” The Hammer deals heavy damage to those unfortunate enough to stand in its path and knocks enemies away with a single swing.

The Hammer also allows us to block enemies’ punches and strikes by holding it on top using our two hands. The locking mechanism doesn’t generally help as most enemies are equipped with guns, and rarely do you encounter enemies interested in using their fists against us. This blocking mechanism doesn’t deflect bullets. For effective combat, the only strategy is to use the Hammer as fast as possible, looking to down enemies before they drain your Health thoroughly. This weapon is acquired from the West Wing Estate or the Animals Gym.

Electric Baton

The Electric Baton is the go-to weapon of law enforcement and Militech personnel. It’s a common sight in Night City to see the police beating helpless people using the baton. It has a base DPS of 1,207. The electrically charged stun devices are melee weapons in early-game due to their fast attacks and ability to effectively shock, stun, and incapacitate enemies. It’s available in three types; AlphaBeta, and Gamma. Be aware as there’s no actual statistical difference between them, and the slight difference is the physical appearance of the baton. This guide recommends you loot this weapon from RNG loot chests worldwide rather than spending $38,000 on each variant to acquire it from the Animals Gym vendor in Rancho Coronado.


The epic Kanabo is a two-handed club with a 3% Crit Chance, 15% Critical Damage, and 15% Bleeding Chance. This weapon has a long history, used by the legendary Samurai as a side piece to the Katanas. It has a base DPS of 1,149. It works similarly to a baseball bat and is incredibly damaging to enemies unlucky enough to be in its swinging arc. Acquiring this weapon involves a bit of traveling. Get on to your Scorpion Apollo bike and travel to the Jackson Plains part in the Badlands. At the location shown below, you’ll meet a melee weapon vendor. Talking to her will allow you to buy the Kanabo from her. The epic variant of the Kanabo is very effective in combat and can be paired well with a Katana build. It’s an effective weapon and ranks better than the previous weapons discussed in this guide.

Location of the melee weapons vendor in the Badlands

Baseball Bat

The legendary Baseball Bat has a base DPS of 1,207. This blunt weapon is relatively easy to require as it can be bought from Coach Fred in V’s apartment building. As is the norm with blunt weapons, the legendary variant of this bat costs a ridiculous $50,873 eurodollars. Players can also test their luck and find out in the streets of Night City. It offers a 3% Critical Chance, 53% Critical Damage, and a 20% chance of Bleeding. It also makes a sweet ‘clunk’ noise on a successful strike on an enemy, which sounds quite lovely. The baseball bat is a weapon that offers a beautiful swing and a chance to hit your enemies out of the park.

Tinker Bell

The iconic Tinker Bell is an electrical baton redesigned to resemble a cattle prod. It has a base DPS of 1,098 with a 3% Critical Chance, 53% Critical Damage, and 30% Shock Chance. A very effective melee weapon to be used with high damaging builds, this blunt weapon is dangerous for unaware enemies. It can be acquired from the Control room at the Edgewood Farm during the “The Hunt” quest from River Ward. When picked up, the weapon will be of the rare variant, but players can level it up to iconic/legendary. It has a static electrical charge on top of it, which hinders and stuns enemies. Remember to use the Heavy swings, enabling the Knockout ability to take effect, eliminating enemies faster.

Caretaker’s Spade

The Caretaker’s Spade is a weapon borrowed from The Witcher series. The Caretaker wields this powerful weapon, and 10% of the damage dealt is converted into Health regained. This same effect is mirrored when V uses this weapon. When you swing the shovel, it emanates a blue glow, showcasing its other-worldly powers. Annoyingly, it can only be acquired at the endgame; it spawns in the Arasaka Jungle located within the Arasaka Tower. The Spade generates around the Conference table, and you must wait a few minutes for it to spawn. It has a base DPS of 1,097. Unlike some weapons, we can keep this weapon upon returning to the point of no return. The Caretaker Spade has a slow swing, translating into more damage dealt per successful strike. Use this blunt weapon and some Health regeneration perks to deal with damages and regain Health effectively.

Gold-Plated Spiked Bat

An upgrade to the regular baseball bat, the Gold-plated Baseball Bat is a must-have for those looking to equip powerful blunt weapons. The Bat has a base DPS of 1,207 and a 100% Bleeding chance. It means that upon every successful strike, the enemy will have internal Bleeding, and damage levels will be significantly boosted. It has spikes on the end of it, dealing that extra bit of damage. This bat belonged to Denny, one of Johnny Silverhand’s band members. It can be acquired in the quest “Second Conflict,” where Denny tosses the bat into the swimming, where players can subsequently pick it up. With additional perks, this bat will One-shot enemies, incapacitating them with a single strike—quite a handy weapon when looking to defeat a cluster of enemies.

Sir John Phallustiff

The Sir John Phallustiff is an electrical sex toy owned by Meredith Stout. This tongue-in-cheek weapon can be acquired by romancing Meredith Stout and picking it up from the No-Tell Motel after the one-night stand. It has insane damage levels and boasts a DPS of 2,000. It gives a 3% Critical Chance, 53% Critical Damage, 20% Bleeding Chance and a 20% Shock Chance. If players don’t have nudity turned on, this blunt weapon assumes the shape of a regular baton. It also deals electrical damage in addition to massive physical damage it deals. Cyberpunk 2077’s joke weapon emits vibrating noises when wielding it and deals significant physical damage to enemies, damaging their egos as well. The weapon description beautifully says, “Perfect for someone just asking to get *ucked.” Use this powerful weapon at your discretion.


The iconic Cottonmouth is a one-handed cane at the top of the blunt weapon rankings. It has a base DPS of 1,228. It’s electrically charged and tipped with venom, allowing it also to deal electrical and chemical damage. This weapon can be acquired early in the game from the automatic love quest “The Space in Between.” After the conversation with Fingers, we can obtain Finger’s cane from the coffee table. This cane can also apply poison and shock effects. The Cottonmouth is revered for its lingering damage inflicted upon every hit.

It has the highest damage level due to the lingering poison and electrical effect it imparts on its victims. Although the Sir John Phallustiff has higher base damage, the Cottonmouth imparts a variety of damages exceeding the base damage values. These varied types of attacks also make it much more versatile than any blunt weapon. As Sir John Phallustiff is reserved for those players who romance Meredith Stout, this powerful weapon is available to all players, irrespective of their choices. With the range of damage, this cane imparts, it’s easily the top blunt weapon in Cyberpunk 2077.

That’s all from this comprehensive guide. Remember to get all the perks from the Street Brawler section in the Body skill tree to test the maximum damage values for your blunt weapons. Thanks for reading this through.