The Ultimate Katana Comprehensive Guide – Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 introduces automatic rifles, powerful revolvers, innovative futuristic weaponry, and Katanas. It’s interesting to notice that in a futuristic world set 50 years later, Katanas’s power and allure haven’t faded. These sharp blades are the go-to melee weapon for any build and are super effective at slicing through enemy clusters. This comprehensive guide will look at the Katanas available in Night City, their locations, and how they rank with their counterparts. Without further ado, let’s dive in.

The Build

The Blades section of the Reflexes attributes typically involves maximizing our skills with Katana. Conventionally, all perks from this section should be unlocked to reap the benefits fully. As Katanas are already overpowered weapons, opening all the perks leads to all Katanas will One-Shot, killing all enemies. So, to rank Katanas, only two perks are unlocked from the Blades Section. The ‘Blessed Blade‘ and ‘Sting Like a Bee’ perks are opened, increasing Crit Chance by 10% and attack speed by 30%, respectively.

The Technical Ability is upgraded to Level 18, allowing players to craft legendary items. The Cool skill tree is upgraded to Level 20, unlocking most of the Ninjutsu and the essential perks from the Cold Blood sections. The Militech Sandevistan MK.5 has three rare Prototype Chips in the mod slots for the build’s operating system. This implant aims to boost the critical chances while wielding the Blade and essentially to slow down time.


The non-iconic, standard Katana will be available throughout Night City. There are three variants Common, Epic, and Legendary. The Arasaka makes these, and each varies due to different modifications. The Legendary variant can be bought from Coach Fred inside V’s apartment building. Alternatively, defeating Nurio Akuhara in the Cyberpsycho Sighting: Phantom of the Night City will also drop a militarised legendary version of the Katana. The random Katanas you find will often have a thermal, chemical, and electrical damage aspect to them. Katana’s base variant ranks the lowest compared to all other Katanas in the game.


The Tsumetogi Katana belongs to Hiromi Sato. It can be acquired in the Pisces side job with Judy Alvarez, where it can be obtained from its display stand. The blade has a base DPS of 1,263. It deals electrical and shock damage to enemies. The Tsumetogi increases Critical Chance by 11%, Critical Damage by 34%, and Shock Chance by 30%. The Blade gives a 20% Shock chance, meaning 1 in 5 attacks will apply an electrical shock to enemies. It also offers players 10% shock resistance, which is advantageous when facing robots and mechanized enemies. The Blade also gives 5% extra damage when the player strikes the Blade while sprinting, blocking, and crouching. The reason it’s so low in the rankings is because of its availability. The quest to acquire it comes late into the game, meaning additional Blade perks are unlocked, rendering other Katanas much more powerful and effective.

Black Unicorn

Compared to the Tsumetogi, the Black Unicorn is the first Katana players will unlock in the game. It’s initially automatically added to V’s stash, considering you have linked your GOG account or own the game on GOG Galaxy. The most effective and lethal starter weapon, the Black Unicorn, is a shoutout to the Witcher Franchise, where Geralt wields a long sword named the Black Unicorn. In contrast, the Black Unicorn in Cyberpunk 2077 is a black katana with Witcher Blue runes inscribed. It is the most dominant weapon in your starting arsenal, dispatching enemies faster than any starter guns, with zero ammo cost. The Black Unicorn has a base DPS of 989. It can be upgraded five times to the Epic tier and seven more times to get it to the Legendary level. Players looking to explore their gameplay with Katanas should start upgrading this Katana early on in the game. Slicing through enemies with a blue runes blade will make players reminisce about the Witcher series.


The legendary Scalpel occupies the 5th position on this list. This Katana also has an affinity towards electrical damage and has a 20% Shock Chance on Sandevistan mode, the Critical Chance is increased to 50%, and all hits will apply BleedingBleeding. It has a base DPS of 1,277. As the name suggests, the Scalpel is based on precision and slicing enemies. The design and color scheme of the Katana looks like something a surgeon would use. The Scalpel is a tool of uncanny accuracy with a 50% critical chance and a 100% chance to bleed upon successful strikes.

This weapon can be acquired by completing the quest “Big In Japan.” This quest appears early on in the game. After first meeting Rogue in the Afterlife and exiting her booth, Dennis will offer you a job. Accepting it would trigger the “Big in Japan” quest where V has to rescue a man abducted by Tyger Claws. Be warned; you’ll have to carry the man out, and the Transporter perk from the Athletics Section of the Body 12 will allow you to shoot enemies while carrying a body. Alternatively, players can eliminate all the Tyger Claws first and then return and carry the man out. Upon completion of this quest, Dennis will give you the Scalpel as a reward. It’s a great sword to acquire early on in the game, making your gameplay much more comfortable.

Cocktail Stick

Another blade that can be obtained early on in the game is the Cocktail Stick. The signature weapon of Evelyn Parker, the bright pink Katana, can be collected from Clouds in the “Automatic Love” quest. Looks can be deceiving as this shining pink Blade is very lethal, especially as it has a whopping 300%, Dismemberment Chance. It boasts a DPS of 1,289. For players looking to add gratuitous and gory violence to their swordsmanship, this Blade will transform your enemies into a pile of flailing and mangled limbs.

An arm is flying on the top left side, highlighting the Cocktail Stick’s power

The Cocktail Stick can be obtained from Evelyn’s dressing room in Clouds. You’ll notice a bar in the VIP area when you go to Oswald Forrest’s office. To its left will be another room with neon-lit sofas and screens. By heading to that room, a door will be on your left. This door leads to Evelyn’s dressing room, and upon entering, you’ll see a “Bless” sign in neon. Just below the neon light, you’ll find the Cocktail Stick. The room is easy to miss, and access to Clouds later in the game is almost impossible, so ensure you get the Blade during this quest. By wielding the Cocktail Stick, enemies’ limbs and lives are yours to keep.


At number three on our list, we have the legendary Satori Katana. This Katana belongs to Saburo Arasaka, also known as the Emperor and the man behind Arasaka Corporation and a corporate god of the 21st century. The Satori is a powerful blade, dealing a colossal 534% damage boost on landing critical hits to anybody unfortunate enough to see the Blade. It has a base DPS of 1,174. As the Emperor’s personal Blade, this Blade has a more traditional look as it was forged in the 20th century.

The massive Critical damage does have a downside, as 20% of base damage is reduced. Players can increase their critical chance to almost 100% by equipping themselves with the right perks, bodywear, cyberwares, and Sandevistan. Successful critical hits will trigger the 534% damage boost with each strike from the weapon. For example, the Blessed Blade perk increases the critical chance by 10%. Equipping the right items will quickly make the Satori blade the most powerful weapon in the game.

Limbs flailing about as massive critical damage is delivered

Players must deviate a bit in the main storyline quest, “The Heist,” to acquire this godly weapon. After everybody leaves the room, T-Bug advises you to escape via a door looking out the balcony. After unlocking the door, T-Bug is killed, and the game indicates that you must leave via the opened door. Head back to the main room and head upstairs to the landing pad towards Saburo’s AV. There are a couple of guards there who can be killed stealthily. Head to the aircraft and open the door to find the Satori Katana and an encrypted databank. Head back and exit via the same opened the door to claim and wield the Emperor’s Blade.


The legendary Jinchu-Maru katana is a great sword ranked second on our list. Originally Takemura’s sword, Sandayu Oda’s signature weapon can be acquired after defeating him in the storyline “Play it safe.” The quest involves a lengthy sword fight with Oda, and players lamenting the lack of sword fights in the game should equip a second sword for this quest. The Jinchu-Maru is almost black except for the Arasaka decal on its hilt. This powerful Blade has a base DPS of 1,249 and has three Overpowered abilities:

  1. Critical Chance rises to 100% whenever Kerenzikov is activated.
  2. The last strike in a combo deals double damage to enemies.
  3. The damage is again doubled when facing enemies with twice your current health.

Most Katanas in this game are overpowered, but this Blade is simply unassailable regarding damage levels. It is the ideal weapon to be equipped for damage maximization builds. This kingly weapon will slice through your enemies like butter and not let you down in a fight. Using Kerenzikhov when using this Blade is vital, so remember to install the Kerenzikov cyberware to wreak havoc.


The legendary Byakko tops the list for the best Katana in Cyberpunk 2077. The signature weapon of Wakako Okada, who gives it to V after he has completed all of her’s gigs in the quest ‘Professional Widow.’ Despite being a late-game Katana, this incredible Blade has several notable features. First, it increases the melee range by 1 meter, allowing players to strike from farther away. Secondly, it will enable the user to leap toward an enemy from a distance to attack, increasing the weapon’s range. Lastly, as the Blade is perfectly balanced and incredibly sharp, there’s a 15% chance of Bleeding. Byakko is the only Katana in the game that offers abilities beyond increasing the damage levels of hits. Leaping to your enemies’ ability will make you ruthless, efficient, and almost unkillable. The Bleeding status effect is advantageous when lunging from one enemy to another in combat, leaving behind long-lasting damage with every strike. The boost of melee range will make gameplay much more effortless and move away from Katanas’s typical hack-n-slash method. The Byakko blade is an efficient and ruthless killing blade with utmost perfection etched unto its hilt.

That’s all from this comprehensive guide. Remember to stack up your blade and ninjutsu perks to become a remarkable blade-wielding Samurai out for vengeance. Thanks for reading this through.