Tips to help you out in LEGO Fortnite

In this ultimate guide, you will find valuable tips to enhance your gameplay experience. Master the art of building, strategizing, and conquering in the world of Fortnite with these simple steps mentioned below.

Rainbow Loot

  • Events like thunder noises, rainbow clouds, airdrops, chest locations, and colorful firefly indicators are scattered across the map. You need to follow the colorful firefly indicator to find loot llamas or other valuable items.
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  • Reach the rainbow clouds by going through the colorful fire.
    On top of these clouds, there’s a group of emotes in different colors.
  • You need to perform emotes on top of the rainbow clouds to make them drop loot. The loot falls through the bottom, so you have to jump down to collect it.
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Feeding Animals

  • First, you have to approach cows, sheep, and chickens found in safer biomes.
    Petting these animals might make them drop materials like wool, eggs, feathers, etc. Additionally, dropping stacks of berries, vines, or seeds near these animals can yield more resources such as milk, wool, or eggs in larger quantities.
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Getting Fertilizer

  • Feeding animals stacks of items might make them excrete waste. This waste is very beneficial and it assists in providing fertilizer.
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Obtaining Knot Root and Marble

  • Start by crafting a pickaxe and a hatchet. Now you need to explore caves to find knotroot and marble.
  • Chop down the knotroot when you find it to collect it. After that, use a knotroot to craft a better pickaxe to gather marble from caves.
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Finding Rough Amber

  • First, you have to locate desert biomes which are distinguished by the Cactus grown in the surroundings.
    Desert areas yield rough amber and specific types of wood.
  • To access Mountaintop areas, you need to use geysers or build upwards to collect rough amber.
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Swimming Tip

  • Firstly, ensure your stamina is full before swimming.
    Running out of stamina while swimming will respawn you back to the edge of the water. However, you will not die once you are drowning in the water.
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Pushing Logs and Rocks

  • You can push big trees or cylindrical rocks down the hills.
    These logs and rocks can break objects they collide with if enough momentum is gained.
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