Tips to Pass Lost Castle Chapter – Archero Chapter 5

This guide will provide you with the four best tips to pass Lost Castle Chapter in Archero Chapter 5. 

Archero Chapter 5 Tip #1: Defensive Abilities 

  • You must pick your abilities correctly based on the chapter’s difficulty and your current situation for the defensive abilities. There are four best defensive abilities for this chapter shield, some of the projectiles will be blocked at a higher rate, especially those fireballs from the final boss.
  • Invincibility Star will give you invisibility for 2 seconds and then cool down for a certain amount of seconds. It will provide you with both offense and defense. Once you are in invisibility mode, you can stop and hit the enemy without taking damage and providing steady damage throughout the duration. Although it is short due to its 2 seconds duration, the damage you can deal with, especially boss fights, can make the difference. 

The invincibility star is also handy when you know that you can’t dodge the incoming projectile or attack and the invincibility star activates at the right time; it will block the damage.

3. Wingman, is similar to the shield, but the difference is that your minions will act as a shield instead. They will block some projectiles before they even get near you.

4. Slow Projectile is the best defensive ability for this chapter 5 because once you have this, the boss fights will become much less difficult because their attack speed will be lowered by ½.

It is unlikely to get all the defensive abilities for 11 abilities limitation and lucky spin abilities. So you should have at least two of those abilities, or else it would be difficult to stay calm from the enemy’s projectiles and attacks. Owning 2 of them, especially slow projectiles (shield, invincibility star, wingman) will be great preparation for the final boss fight or the last levels in chapter 5. 

Archero Chapter 5 Tip# 02: Offensive Abilities.

Great offensive abilities are important because a great offence is also a good defence in Archero. The faster you can kill enemies, the shorter the time for you to dodge their projectiles or attacks. However, choosing good offensive abilities is a tricky one. First, you need to know what great, good and bad offensive abilities are. 

Second, you need the luck to get them through random ability drafts for every level up you make or even get them at a lucky spin if you are really lucky. And lastly, there are offensive abilities that will maximize their effectiveness when you combine them with other offensive abilities. 

Bad offensive abilities: circles, swords and elemental arrows. These are bad, especially those poison and burn effects; their total damage output is very low, even the minor attack speed or minor attack boost is much more effective than getting this.

6000 abilities: Attack speed, attack boost and critical abilities, will provide you with an overall boost to your damage per second output. You can pick these when there are no great offensive abilities available in the choices.

Great abilities: These abilities will provide you with better damage output compared to the good qualities. They are also very effective when paired with great abilities; your total damage per second output will be multiplied!

Here are the great abilities that you should get whenever they appear at the choices. 

  • Piercing Shot and Bouncy wall: These two abilities will greatly complement each other because your attacks may hit 2-4 times for the same enemy or the other enemies depending on the shooting angle and the placement of the enemy. It is because your attacks will not stop once it hits an enemy first (piercing shot ability and will continue to bounce back (bouncy wall ability and hit another or the same enemy. 

These two abilities are still great even if you only get 1 of them because of their ability effects. The boomerang weapon will not benefit from a piercing shot, and it may only affect a little bit for bouncy walls depending on the distance of the enemy and its wall.

  • Multi-Arrow and Front Arrow: These two abilities are almost the same, which is they provide double damage to the targeted enemy. The front arrow fires two arrows at the same time and deals double damage instantly to the enemy. While multi-arrow, your forward direction attacks will be followed by an extra forward direction attack. 

If you have both multi-arrow front arrows, you’ll get two arrows fired at the same time and quickly followed by two arrows within the attack speed of a single arrow, so it will be multiplied into four if you get these two abilities.

Suppose you have a percentage multi-front arrow. In that case, you’ll simply get a minimum of four and up to 16 times damage output to the enemy if the enemy is positioned to resume bounce attacks repeatedly.

The boomerang weapon will only benefit from the multi-front arrow and not from those other two abilities. 

  • This ability is very effective on non-boss fights in chapter 5 because all the bosses in chapter 5 are single boss enemy fights only. However, this ricochet is still very important for this chapter because the difficulty of the non-boss stage is very difficult compared to the other chapters. You’ll need to dispatch enemies quickly. 

At regular stages, because you’ll need a high amount of hp as much as you can when you do the boss fights. Ricochet is very effective for fighting with mobs because you can hit another enemy when your targeted enemy has nearby enemies. It can also bounce up to 2 more hits as long as there’s an enemy nearby, so your total damage output will be amplified even more. However, with this ability, plus the piercing shot or bouncy wall, it won’t bounce or pierce unless there’s no enemy nearby.

  • Rage: It will give you a power boost depending on your current HP percentage left. You can pick Rage overpower boost because the damage output value of the Rage is much higher than the power boost, especially if you have low HP.

If you have 75-80% HP left, it may equal the power boost increase value. But when you have almost none 57 to 15 hp left, your damage output will multiply for about twice or thrice. 

Archero Chapter 5 Tip #3: Other Abilities

Max HP: This ability will add HP based on the percentage from your current maximum HP. This ability is handy when you are at very low hp, and you badly need an HP to continue. 

Another benefit from max HP is when you are gunning for the final boss fight of this chapter and willing to use the revive option.

It will make your max hp double its value because when you use revive, you’ll retain the added hp from the max hp you got from your current run.

Devil’s offer abilities: It is only a critical boost, and life one is worthy to get when agreeing with the devil’s offer because it is the opposite of max HP. You’ll lose your HP’s max capacity, making it a double-edged sword effect to your character.

The critical boost is a greater boost than the power boost because the crit damage value will increase greatly, and its chance will also greatly increase. Your total damage output will greatly improve with a critical boost, and some equipment such as the epic bow will benefit even more.

Life is also a good ability; although you lost some HP from the devil’s offer, you’ll gain an extra life. 

But when you’re dead, you are automatically revived at the same spot with a fresh 2500 HP. It is good for the final boss fight; instead of having 3000 HP, you get 5000 HP (assuming you have full HP when you face the final boss) and when you go for the revive option. You’ll get 7500 HP, over 6000 HP if you decline the devil’s offer.

Life + 1 is good if you can survive a non-boss fight because you’ll lose some HP, and you need to stay alive from lowered max hp, so it also has a risk.

Archero Chapter 5 Tip #4: Equipment

Having high level and higher tier equipment will greatly help you in this chapter.

The in-app purchase is optional for this game, and their chapter package sale is a good deal for the money you will spend because you’ll have a chance to obtain epic equipment or other rare, great equipment that you can use to obtain epic equipment.

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