Tree Farm Guide – Minecraft Bedrock

In this guide, you will find how to set up a tree farm in Minecraft Bedrock.

Item Needed:

You’d need the following items:

1x Stack building blocks
1x Hopper
1x Dispenser
1x Barrel
2x Glass
4x Repeater
4x Observer
55x Piston
1x Lever
46x Redstone

Follow these steps to make the farm:

Step 1: You have to start by placing a dispenser down.

Step 2: Place 5 pistons on top facing this way right here.

Step 3: Place a hopper on top of this dispenser.

Step 4: Place a barrel on top of this hopper.

Step 5: Place two blocks in the back of the dispenser.

Step 6: Place a lever on the first block.

Step 7: Get yourself observers and place one here.

Step 8: Place the other one here.

Step 9: Go to the back of the barrel and place an observer like this.

Step 10: Make a 3×2 platform.

Step 11: Place repeaters in these positions.

Step 12: Set this repeater to 1 tick and the other one to 4 ticks.

Step 13: Place Redstone on the other spots

Step 14: Go to this side and place blocks right there. Also, make sure to place the glass block.

Step 15: Place Redstone in these spots.

Step 16: When you turn the machine on and place a block here, it should move.

Step 17: Place 4 blocks right here.

Step 18: New place 11 pistons next to each other like this.

Step 19: Make it a total of 4 piston blocks high, it will be a high piston wall.

Step 20: Go to this side and place an observer.

Step 21: Place Redstone and repeaters like this, it’s the same as before.

Step 22: Don’t forget to change the ticks.

Step 23: Get yourself some blocks and place them here.

Step 24: To connect the Redstone, you need to add blocks here (and use a glass block).

Step 25: Place Redstone like this.

Step 26: If done correctly, the block should move if you place it here.

Step 27: Go to this side, and copy this block pattern.

Step 28: Now place a block right there and remove these two blocks.

Step 29: Also place a block right here.

Step 30: Place Redstone on these positions.

Step 31: Add 6 more pistons here.

Step 32: Place Redstone on top of these pistons.

Step 33: Come here, replace this block with a dirt block, and put bonemeal in your barrel.

Step 34: Now break these blocks so you can stand in them.

Step 35: The last step is to place one Redstone here.