Trident XP Farm – Minecraft Bedrock

This guide will tell you how to set up a Trident XP Farm in Minecraft Bedrock.

Item needed:

You’d need the following items:

20 Stacks Building Blocks

3 Stacks Stairs

1 Stack Ladders

1 Hopper

2 Chests

2 Water

11 Glass

1 Sign

Follow these steps to make the farm:

Step 1: This farm has to be built over an ocean.

Step 2: It is a perfect position!

Step 3: Go to the bottom and build up to the surface.

Step 4: Look at your coordinates, you need to pillar up to Y 108!

Step 5: Once done, extend 2 blocks on these sides.

Step 6: Now make it 4 blocks longer this way.

Step 7: You should have a 5×5 platform now.

Step 8: Jump in the water and place ladders to go up and down.

Step 9: Let’s make your storage system break these blocks.

Step 10: Place a double chest in that hole, with a hopper on this chest.

Step 11: Place a slab on top of the hopper.

Step 12: Place glass around the slab like this.

Step 13: It is going to be your AFK/killing area.

Step 14: Go on top of your glass cage, and build up using normal bocks to Y=124.

Step 15: Once at y=124, place a sign on the top block.

Step 16: Now build up to Y=129.

Step 17: Place a water source on the top block. This is to prevent the mobs from dying from fall damage.

Step 18: Now build up to Y=135.

Step 19: You should have a long pillar just like this.

Step 20: For the next part, you’ll need to extend every side by 6 blocks.

Step 21: Time to fill all of this in, except for the middle.

Step 22: It is a 15×15 platform now.

Step 23: Place 2 blocks on the side like this and break the lowest block.

Step 24: Extend by another 6 blocks.

Step 25: It’s a total of 7 blocks long.

Step 26: Do this for every side.

Step 27: Connect the closest block to the platform like this.

Step 28: Now, do the same thing for the furthest block.

Step 29: Fill all the air spaces except for the middle.

Step 30: Go to a corner and place 2 blocks like this. Break the lowest block.

Step 31: Build a wall all around the platform.

Step 32: Once done, go to the middle of your platform.

Step 33: Break these blocks.

Step 34: Place stairs at these positions.

Step 35: It will prevent mobs from getting stuck.

Step 36: Place a temporary block in the middle with a gate that is open on top.

Step 37: Go to the sides of your platform and place the stairs on top around the whole platform.

Step 38: For the next part, you need to make an infinite water pool.

Step 39: You can get infinite water by clicking the middle block.

Step 40: Place water in every stair on the sides.

Step 41: Once done, all the water should lead to the middle.

Step 42: You can now remove the infinite water source.

Step 43: The farm is now working, but only at night time!

Step 44: So it doesn’t work at day time right now.

Step 45: After farming for like 5 minutes, you can get these rates.

Step 46: To make this farm work during the day, you’ll need to add leaves.

Step 47: Do this on every corner.

Step 48: Once done, you need to fill everything in with leaves. It will require 16 stacks of leaves.

Step 49: You only need to do this if you want the farm to work during the day, without the leaves it works fine at night time.

Step 50: It produces around 33+ tridents per hour and get’s you to level 40 in 1 hour!