Types Of Vampires – Sims 4

In this guide you’ll find out ten types of vampires to consider playing as in Sims 4. You will need the Vampires Game pack for this. The vampires will help you inspire vampire gameplay, you can mix, tweak and add the types of vampires you like.

1- The sporting star vampire.

The first type is the sporting star vampire and you have to put some of those powers to good use.

You must need to pick up a few ranks of vampiric strength. You can take it as a fitness skill that will help you to win more fights or spas.

It will also help you to train your fitness skill much easier. 

Now you need to train up your vampire to reach the master rank. After that, a lot of very suitable powers will become available.

You have to pick up all the ranks of the sun resistance power, it will make your vampire completely resistant to sunlight at rank 3. 

The odorless power is also very helpful because your vampire can stay fresh no matter how long they sweat it out.

The supernatural speed ties in nicely with your vampire. You can choose whatever traits you want for your sim. 

It is also handy to pick up the gym rat satisfaction point reward trait. It costs 500 points and it will stop your sim from losing hygiene when working and it will also help in their fun need. 

2- All-powerful master vampire.

Next up is an all-powerful master vampire. This vampire is good, neutral, or evil and the master vampire aspiration ties in very nicely with this.

You must train your vampire up beyond their master rank to keep unlocking more and more powers. 

If you train up to a grand master vampire, it will allow access to some pretty strong vampire powers too.

Such as rank 3 of influence emotions can be used to kill other sims by giving them strong angry or embarrassed moodlets.

3- The evil vampire.

The third type of vampire to play as being a truly evil one, you have a solid backstory for this. It came into her riches by kidnapping established artists and putting them to work. 

The evil trait here is a must. The influences emotion fits in very well as do deprived needs, irresistible slumber, and command. 

Thin skin weakness is also quite suitable for evil vampires. If you go down this path, then you should not take all three ranks of this weakness. It means that your vampire will die incredibly fast if they’re exposed to sunlight.

4- Underling Vampire.

The next fourth vampire is a Subordinate vampire. It is a great option if you want a vampire who doesn’t fit the stereotypical super-strong mold. It can be fun to make use of basic vampire powers, like their bat form as well as casting hallucinations.

5- Ghost Vampire.

Moving on to a ghost vampire. You can do it by killing a vampire, then befriending their ghost and asking them to rejoin your household. But the thing is they must be a vampire before tuning into a ghost and you’ll have access to both vampire and ghost powers. You can’t die from sunlight either because you’re technically not alive. 

6- Royal Vampire.

Next up is the Royal vampire, they really give a royal vibe.

The royal vampire family is quite an exciting thing. The family gives a lot of room for different vampire personalities and members of your royal family can very easily take inspiration from some of the other kinds of vampires.

You have to pay particular attention to the vampire family aspiration which can tie well with this.

The aspiration encourages you to turn other sims into vampires rather than just have children.

You can train up family members or gather the family members to listen to a pipe organ performance to socialize. Your royal family could skew to be inherently good or evil.

7- Store owner vampire.

The seventh type of vampire is a little bit niche. It’s a store owner vampire. 

You need to have the get-to-work expansion pack to run a store in the sims 4. There’s something about a vampire running a creepy trinket store that appeals.

There are quite a few build-and-buy objects that you can sell. You can pop a price tag on those vampire tomes or plasma fruit and packs.

If you buy tomes on a computer and set them for sale, they’ll return to your inventory   when you leave the lot. But they’ll stay in your store if you get them from buy mode using the ‘bb. show hidden objects cheat’. 

8- Outcast Criminal Vampire.

Next is an Outcast Criminal vampire, this vampire can’t get on their feet and can’t hold down a job.  

It can be a fun option for a lower-ranked vampire. You can have the kleptomaniac trait to make ends meet by stealing objects.

If you have the eco-lifestyle expansion pack, then it can tie in nicely with dumpster diving to try and find objects that they can make use of as well.

9- The Charmer Vampire.

The next vampire is being the Charmer. The vampiric charm power ties in very nicely with this vampire.

You will need to pick up all three ranks before activating your alluring visage. After that, you will get a happy moodlet for a few hours and captivate nearby sims boosting your romantic interactions with them.

It ties well with the serial romantic aspiration. You can consider the beguiling and the great kisser satisfaction point reward traits if you want to take the flirty vibe all the way. 

It will help to make nearby sims flirty and increase the success rate of kissing respectively.

Great kissers will also allow sims to train up their charisma skill by kissing, so that’s great fun too.

10- Undercover Vampire.

The final kind of vampire to play is a good or undercover vampire. 

You must pick up the tamed thirst power which is only available at a grandmaster rank. t.

So that your vampire will never go into a frenzy and drink from a sim if their thirst drops too low. You have to pick up all three ranks of the sunlight resistance power so that the daylight is no obstacle as well as the garlic immunity power because you don’t have time for worrying about garlic when visiting friends for dinner.

There’s no need for an elaborate cover story about why you’re not eating the garlic dish that was served up.

When it comes to aspirations, it also ties in nicely with a good vampire aspiration in which completing will provide the regained humanity trait increasing the likelihood that sims will let you drink from them. It’s all about that ethical vampire life.