Ultimate beginners’ Guide – Valorant

This is the ultimate beginner’s guide for Valorant. Go through the guide and follow the step-by-step instructions below to play the game as a beginner.

  1. Installation

To download Valorant, you need to open your Internet browser and search “epic games launcher” on Google. Open the first thing and download it on your PC.

After that, install this launcher and open it up. Create a new id and search Valorant in the search bar. Tap on the Valorant game and install it on your PC.

2. Settings

You have to open up the settings and navigate to the Video tab. Go to Graphics quality and set the settings according to your screen. Then go to Primary and set the Primary crosshair to normal.

Now go to the Controls tab and set the controls according to your liking. After that, navigate to the General tab and set the Sensitivity as low as possible so you can make more headshots. Set the Scope multiplier to 1 or 0.9 and turn on Raw Input Buffer.

3. Shooting Range

Tap on the Play button, then select Practice and select Open Range. Choose the agent named Sova and head to the shooting range to start practicing there. Press B to buy guns; you can buy any gun from the side arms section in the first round. Buying Frenzy as a beginner is recommended because it is an automatic gun.

Once you win the first round, you can buy Spectre in the next round. You can also buy light shield armor. In the third round, you can buy Phantom and Vandal. Phantom is a bit easier to handle if you are a beginner and its rate of fire is also high. Most recoil in this game is vertical, so you need to drag your mouse downwards to tackle this recoil.