Unique Gang Cars in GTA Series

This guide will provide you with the 5 Most Unique Gang Cars in Grand Theft Auto games from GTA III to GTA V.

Albanian Futo GTA IV

  • It’s a modified futo with a body kit. It’s one of the Albanian mob cars.

Albanian Hakumi GTA IV

  • It also has a body kit like Futo. This car is exclusive to GTA IV.

Angel VC Bikers Gang

  • Angel 1st appeared in GTA VC. It is the official bike of vice city bikers.

Angel LC Bikers Gang

  • It looks the same as the GTA VC model. It belongs to the Liberty City Bikers.

Angel VC Bikers Gang

  • It is the same bike but with different paint. This paint job is GTA VCS exclusive

Avenger Avenging Angels

  • It is given to Toni as a reward vehicle. This bike is exclusive to GTA LCS.

Cartel Cruiser Colombian Cartel

  • It is exclusive to Cartel Members and it looks unique as well as badass. It also appeared in GTA LCS. It looks almost the same as GTA III.

Cholo Sabre Cholo Gang

  • It is slightly different from the regular Sabre. This car is exclusive to GTA VCS.

Cuban Hermes LOS Cabrones Gang

  • It is one of the best gang cars, it emits flames from the exhaust. It appeared again in GTA VCS and the paint job is different here. Also, the exhaust flames are absent.

Cuban Jetmax LOS Cabrones gang

  • It is only available in GTA VC and it is the only gang boat in the GTA universe.

Diablo Stallion Diablos Gang

  • It’s the only car of the Diablos Gang and the hood design is slightly different. It appeared again in GTA LCS.

Forelli ExSess Forelli Crime Family

  • It’s only available to Forelli Mafia. It is exclusive to GTA LCS.

Gang Burrito Stretwannabe’s | GTA VC

  • It is the official van of Streetwannabe’s. This paint is exclusive to GTA VC.

Gang Burrito Angles of Death | TLAD

  • It appeared again in GTA TLAD and it belongs to the Angel of Death. It returns in GTA V also and it belongs to Lost MC.

Gang Rancher The Sharks Gang

  • Streetwannabe’s were sharks in GTA VCS. It’s exclusive to GTA VCS.

Hoods RumpoXL southside hoods | GTA III

  • There is a gang logo on the sides and it’s also seen in GTA LCS. Here, it’s more colorful.

Irish Contender McReary Crime Family

  • It has some unique modifications and this variant is exclusive to GTA IV.

Jaimaican Huntley Sport Yardies/Jamaican Gang

  • It is given to Niko by little Jacob. It has unique paint and body kit.

Jaimaican Voodoo Yardies/Jaimaican Gang | TLAD

  • It’s only seen in TLAD and has unique paint and Bodykit.

Lost Slamvan The Lost MC | TLAD

  • Although it’s a lost MC vehicle, the door logo resembles the angles of the death logo. It came in various colors and it appeared again in GTA V. This time it has lost the MC logo and comes in black only.

Mafia Sentinel Leone Crime Family

  • All mafia members had one. In GTA, it’s called Leone sentinel and it looks the same as the GTA III model.

Sindacco Argento Sindacco Crime Family

  • Sindaccos were active in GTA LOS. Thus this car is exclusive to LCS.

Triad Fish Van Triads Gang

  • It comes in various colors and also appeared in GTA LCS. The model is the same as GTA III.

Triad Feroci Liberty City Triads

  • This car has a body kit and gold rims. Triads returned in the HD universe.

Haitian Voodoo Haitians Gang

  • It’s a gang-only car in GTA VC. Also, it had hydraulics and it can’t be resprayed.

Wayfarer Angels of Death

  • This bike has the gang logo on its seat and it comes in various colors.

Yakurza Stinger Yakuza Gang

  • It is one of the fastest gang cars that appeared again in GTA LCS. It looks more colorful now.

Yardie Lobo Uptown Yardies

  • This car has hydraulics and it also appeared in GTA LCS.