Unlocking Godhuman Style & Materials Location: Blox Fruits (Full Guide)

This is a complete guide on how to unlock the God-human fighting style. First, you must have 400 mastery levels on every v2 fighting style. Then go to the God-human NPC and talk to him. He is on the backside of the musketeers’ hideout. He will inquire you for four materials if you fulfilled the mastery requirements. Now, where to obtain all the four materials he is looking for?

The First Material

It is the fish scale. You can get this material by killing any fish man. Recommend is to kill the fish man in the underwater city in the first sea. Since they are weak, by the way even though the material rarity is common, the drop rate is still very low. So, keep grinding until you get it.

The Second Material

It is the dragon scale, you can get this by killing the dragon crew archer on hydra island in the third sea.

The Third Material

It is the mystic droplet. You can obtain this material by killing a water fighter on skull island in the second sea.

The Last Material

You need for Godhuman the magma raw. You can get the magma ore by killing the magma ore ninja on the hot and cold island in the second sea. The magma pirates and first seed drop magma raws, too not sure you can give it a try. That’s all the materials you need for Godhuman fighting styles. Once you have farmed enough, talk to the God-human NPC again. He will make you learn the God-human fighting style for 5000 fragments and belly.