Useful Glitches in Sons Of The Forest

This guide will show you how to increase stamina, escape from enemies, and make infinite arrows to use against enemies and get infinite logs.

1. Infinite Log glitch

First, you must take a log and build this structure, then take another log and cut it. Each time you do this, it will give you an extra log. However, this trick works only when you have a friend in the game and are not the host.

There is another trick you can employ: put the log on the ground and get an ordinary stick. Place the log on it, knock it over to the side to duplicate, and do it repeatedly.

2. Stamina bar

Now you will be informed how to regain your stamina when running. First, you need to run to lose some stamina, then press ‘A’, and ‘D’ simultaneously, and later press ‘B’ to boost the stamina bar. This trick is helpful when you are moving long distances and don’t want to waste time, so you must repeat the procedure to increase stamina.

3. Lakehouse built

First, build a zip line and construct a rope bridge, which may get enemies to you. So it is preferred to use a zip line and be safe from enemies for three seasons.

4. Infinity arrows

Now you need to make a base in some suitable area and go inside the base. Pick up a 3D printer to make arrows, a printer resin container, and a bed to rest.

You need to save and quit the game to rest on the bed. After coming back, you will find all these items there. You require 50 resin to make unlimited arrows and will get 50 arrows each time you restart the game.