AMD Reminds Us That Its Mobile GPU Is More Powerful Than Intel's

AMD reminds us that its mobile GPU is powerful.

Their 6500M mobile GPU outperforms the Arc A370M, they claim.

Intel announced their Arc 3 laptop GPUs this week.

Against their own Iris X, they showed how the Arc 3 mobile graphics will perform better.

But they didn’t show how its new mobile graphics card compares with the competition.

Their Arc 3 is hitting over 90 fps in games like GTA V, Rocket League, etc.

But AMD compared it to more demanding titles.

And they were at least 20 fps ahead of them in most games.

Both GPUs are built on TSMC N6 nodes.

The Arc A370M is 25-50W and 6500M is 50W base.

But we don’t know if the Intel drivers were up-to-date or not.