Astroneer Update Out Now On Switch (Version, Patch Notes

The Astroneer update is out now on Switch.

Update includes extensive controller remapping features.

To completely customize your experience, you can now use the mouse and keyboard on console and can remap a TON of inputs.

This one's for you, if you are a player who needs to move buttons around to make sure you can enjoy Astroneer.

You can now make some hold actions.

Separate tabs for Keyboard/ Mouse and Controller settings in the menu have been updated.

Mouse and Keyboard support has been added for players on Nintendo Switch as well.

Players can now set Camera Orbit functionality to a toggle which are on Mouse and Keyboard.

While remaining operational when slotted into the player’s backpack while on will fade out its audio loop.

The angle of the drill relative to the rover now accurately represents the drill aiming UI.

The update is now available for download.