Azur Lane - Mistakes That You Should Avoid (Tips)

Never use this ship in battles,  because it has really bad stats.

The Golden Bulin Misconception

Gold 410mm “Confetti Gun

This gun shoots type 3 shell, it's DMG is 12*10*2, the damage is close to nothing, don't use this gun.

Limit Break Oil Conservation

Don't limit break too often. By limit breaking the ship cost increases. Once you reach level 70, you've to limit break

Shop Items With Gems

Never buy anything by using gems in the shop section.

Combining Gray/Blue Boxes

In depot section, you can craft grey and blue boxes, instead of opening them.

Event Gacha Guide

Don't play the normal Gacha, if the event Gacha is happening.

Your Dailies

Don't forget to do your dailies everyday.

Dorm Expansions

Don't forget to use dorm coins to expand.

Upgrade Your Skills

Don't forget to upgrade your skills.