Battlefield 2042: 10 Things The Game Doesn’t Tell You

Wingsuit Trick

You can use trucks or containers top to glide quickly to any place and you don’t have to get so high before you can start gliding. 

You can use tricks like using a C4 to destroy a vehicle, all you have to do is go behind a vehicle so they can’t see you right away then you plant c4 and glide away. That way you can easily destroy vehicles using wingsuit.

Overpowered Guns At The Moment

PP-29 is an SMG which unlocks at level 18 and is the best machine gun in the game right now. Largely due to its accuracy at long range.

SVK the DMR is like a normal battlefield weapon which requires two body shots to kill an enemy. It is also very easy to use because it has no recoil with a good fire rate.

Anti Tank Drone

You can destroy tanks using C5 on a drone. It’s a cool trick because it’s hard to shoot a drone and most people don’t notice them yet.

Robot Dog

Casper can deploy drone dog which is very good against drones and can absorb some damage as well.

Proximity Sensors

If you want to farm some experience pretty quickly you can use proximity sensors if you are playing solo because the experience you are getting by playing solo is limited at the moment.

When you throw proximity sensor in a place filled with enemies it will detect everyone and give you so much recon experience which will help you get a lot of experience in Multiplayer.

Free Killing Strategy

If you successfully deploy a vehicle on top of a building then people will get panic and you can easily get so many free kills.

Upgrading Vehicles Attachments

You should also focus on upgrading your vehicle's attachments because it will give you lot of perks and make it easier for you to play.

Turn Off Cross-Play Right Now

Aim assist on consoles are not working as good as they should so to avoid the computer players you should turn off cross-play.

Player career mode has been improved a lot and many new features are added.

Player career mode has been improved a lot and many new features are added.

To Gain More Credits In Hazard Zone

So to get more credits you should select negotiated bounty. It will make you earn 50% more credits to kill. Which also includes computer bots.

Hovercraft’s The Best Vehicle In The Game?

Hovercraft is a transport vehicle but you can use it to do much more stuff.

It can tank good amount of damage as well as it can go anywhere where other vehicles can go, like going on top of a building or a glacier. It is very suitable to flank and make a huge impact if done right.