China Bans Livestreams Of Unapproved Videogames

The Chinese government has banned live streams of unapproved video games.

The latest step by the Chinese government are the new regulations to crackdown on gaming and internet usage by minors.

They announced that in March.

The government was seeking public feedback on a draft document of proposed changes, at that time.

Now some aspects of the crackdown have been adopted.

Live Streaming and unauthorized video games have been banned by their National Radio and Television Administration.

New regulations have been applied for video games which have not been approved for publication in China.

They are imposing limits on game content that can be streamed on Chinese platforms.

Issues such as online live broadcast chaos and teenagers' addiction to games have attracted widespread attention in the society, and it is urgent to take effective measures to strictly regulate them, they said.

Video games need official approval to be published in China and unapproved games are often promoted on platforms like Huya.

And the Elden Ring is one of them.

Earlier this year, Elden Ring was a hit on Chinese game live streaming platforms reaching 17.1 million cumulative daily average viewers, despite not having a license, Ahmad said.