Chips From Broken PlayStation 5 Consoles Might Be Showing Up In Crypto Mining Rigs

Chips from broken PlayStation 5 consoles might be showing up in mining rigs.

What happens to a defective PS45, ever wonder?

For departed gaming consoles, they have other plans.

They might be repurposing the broken PS5’s for expensive crypto mining rigs.

The ASRock BC-250 mining rig might have the APUs from them

There is no CPU listed on their product page.

It uses 16GB GDDR6 RAM.

BC-250 boards' performance isn't hindered by a LHR limiter that is why crypto miners go for systems.

In a Slovenian online retailer, the ASRock Mining Rig is currently selling for almost $15,000.

After factoring in electricity costs, an AMD BC-250 card can generate about $2 a day in ETH.

This is not the first time that AMD has used bits of dead PS5s in other products.