Magma Wyrm's Scalesword - Elden Ring

To get there, go northwest of rayalucaria academy to the end of a ravine.

Ravine-veiled village is a site of grace there.

After climbing up a series of ladders, you reach a mining cave.

Climb the next ladder and keep going straight. Then, turn right on the next corner.

When riding the lift, you can either fight the enemies or run past them.

Go straight towards the tunnel to your left.

After you are outside of the ruins, turn right and you will see a site of grace.

After taking a break at the site of grace, ride the elevator up.

Go up the stairs. Turn right.

Go straight down the path, then turn right and continue forward. You'll see a ladder. Climb it, then you can choose to fight or run away from the enemies.

The path is straight. Go towards a platform. Be careful of the enemies that inflict poison. You can choose to fight or run past them and climb the ladder.

Proceed until you see a ladder. Climb it.

Go left to reach the platform filled with enemies. Behind them is a platform with a lift. Use that lift to go up.

You should rest at the site of grace because you're going to have to fight a boss.

To fight the magma wyrm makar, enter the msit of the arena.

Makar's fire damage can be countered by equipping the flamedrake talisman and the fireproof of dried liver.

It's a good idea to use the structure at the center of the arena as protection and as a way to buy time to use flasks.

Summon a tanky spirit like the great horned tragoth to distract the monster. If you're playing co-op with friends, have them summon a spirit instead.

Makar's attack animations are highly recognizable, so reposition accordingly.

After you've defeated this boss, you will be rewarded with a dragon heart and a magma wyrm sword.

This curved greatsword is great for warriors who want to scale with strength, dexterity, and faith.

The shark's teeth aren't just for show. They are sharp and can deal great damage.

Decent amount of fire damage will also be added to your attacks.

The magma wyrm Scalesword has a unique skill called magma guillotine.

The magma wyrm's powerful smash attack inspires a blast of magma.

You can also perform a chopping attack to follow it up with an additional input.