What Happens When you Attack Pope Turtle's Shell in Elden Ring

You will need to go to the Church of Vows.

And talk to Pope Turtle.

You have to poke the Turtle in the front legs.

Then poke the Turtle in the rear legs.

Poke the Turtle again.

Poke yet again.

After that, you need to verify he is still calm.

Then do lots of hits.

And poke until he has zero health.

You will get the bell bearing.

You have to go to roundtable hold.

And then go to twin maiden husks.

Give bell bearings.

And buy the Miriel's special items.

After that, you have to go to a grace and rest.

Equip Blessing's Boon.

Equip Magic Glintblade.

You also have to equip Carian Greatsword.

And equip any Glintstone staff in the right hand.

Equip any sacred seal in the left hand.

And then equip Glintstone staff and Sacred Seal.

You will need to cast Blessing's Boon L1, Incantation spell.

Fill Mana (FP) square on Cerulean Tears.

Find a dummy to try Sorcery spells on.

Switch spell to magic Glintblade (up).

Cast Magic Glintblade (R1), Sorcery spell.

Switch spell (up).

And then cast Carian Greatsword (R1), Sorcery spell.