Wolverine Build in Elden Ring

Unlock self healing.

You have to go to the tower of return.

And open the chest on top of the tower.

You need to open the chest to get a blessed Dew Talisman.

After that, rest at grace to allow fast travel.

Then fast travel out to Stormveil main gate.

Get Wolverine Hookclaws

You will need to go in the entrance to the left and out Hole.

Climb up and follow the wall ledge.

Go up and get a smithing stone (Optional).

After that, you have to drop back down.

Go to Stormveil cliffside grace.

Go up stairs and enter the side entrance.

And then sneak behind the guard and kill.

You will get the Hookclaws there.

Get Claw Talisman

You have to go back out and move upstairs.

Attract bomb and wait below stairs.

After that, you need to clear bomb throwers.

Attract another bomb thrower.

Clear the area again.

And then go up 2 staircases.

Open the door and grab Rusty's key.

After that, you have to exit the room.

Go back all the way downstairs.

Use a Rusty key to open a locked door.

And then climb up the ladder.

Exit, turn left and go up the staircase.

Go out, continue up the winding staircase.

You will need to enter the building and go up the stairwell.

Enter the left door for Rampart tower grace.

Exit and hold the O button.

Don't stop holding O and press X.

After that, climb up and go around the tower ledge.

Climb up the ladder.

And get a claw talisman.

Try out Wolverine build

You will need to equip Hookclaws and Claw Talisman.

And go 2 handed (Hold triangle + R2).

Blessed Dew Talisman gives self heal.

You can try different attacks (R1,R2,L1,L2).

Do jump attacks like a Wolverine.

Bleed damage is overpowered.