Heatran: How to Get and Basic Stats - Pokémon BDSP

Catch inside Stark Mountain

After you have finished the quest inside Stark Mountain with Buck, head back to the survival Area.

Go inside the house next to the Pokemon Center and talk to the old man there.

Again, speak with Buck.

This allows Heatran to spawn in Stark Mountain.

Head back to Stark Mountain.

You will pass through Route 226, when you head east.

Go north to route 227.

Keep going north until you reach the entrance to Stark Mountain.

Use the Rock Smash attack to destroy the rock, then move the boulder down the stairs to the east.

Move the boulders to pass through and head East.

At the top, make your way up to reach the doorway.

Go east and then north on the next path.

Go down the stairs at the end of the path, after smashing the rock.

Go north until you reach Heartran's room.

Interact with Heartan to start the encounter but before that save the game.

How to Catch and Best Pokemon to Use

Heatran's moveset has nothing that is particularly threatening.

You won't have trouble catching it. You'll be able to catch it with little effort.

Best Catcher Pokemon

we recommend using Blastoise with Yawn and false swipe, when facing Heatran.

Absol with Thunder Wave and False Swipe can also work.

You can use these Pokemon to lower the opponent's HP as much as possible.

And you can use a status-inflicting move to improve your catch rate.

With access to yawns, Quagsire is another bulky water type.

In the grand underground, you can find it easily.

Best Ball to use

If you want to catch Heatran, you have to use a quick ball on your first turn.

When the quick ball doesn't work, use a dusk ball.

If it's been about a dozen turns, you can also use the timer ball.

By then, you will have better success at capturing rate.

Best Natures of Heatran

You can take full advantage of Heatran's natural explosive firepower by using a pokemon that has a modest nature.

For a defensive Heatran a calm nature is a good choice.

Although it resists common special attacking types, such as grass, ice and fire.

Heatran is a fire- and steel-type Pokemon.

This Pokemon is weak against ground, water and fighting attacks.

This Pokemon is strong against many types of Pokemon, including the normal, flying, dragon, grass, ice, fairy, bug, steel, and poison types.

Heatran Learnset

Heatran's moveset as it levels up.

Here is Heatran's TM learnset.