Ensha Mystery in Elden Ring

You will need to talk to Finger Reader Crone near academy.

Someone is slaughtering but with no result.

Slaughterer should have stolen from a big pot.

After that, make your way to roundtable hold.

And try to talk to a mystery person.

Then you have to go to Liurnia lake Shore grace.

Follow this route.

And talk to Nepheli Loux.

Slaughterer was killing the village people.

After that, you have to go to village of the Albinaurics grace.

Go to "Big pot".

Strike "Big pot " and listen.

Then fast travel to the roundtable hold.

Get teleported to a real round table hold.

Esha of the Royal remains attacked.

When you win, you will get teleported back.

You will need to pick up Ensha's outfit.

And talk to Gideon Omir about Ensha.

Mystery person is Ensha the slaughterer.

Examine Ensha's Royal remains outfit.