Final Map Area Bypass Haligtree Secret Medallion Lift in Elden Ring

First, you will need to go to Grand lift of Rold.

And have Rold Medallion from beating Morgott.

Hoist Rold Medallion to go up lift.

After that, go to the Zamor Ruins grace.

Go to Ancient Snow Valley Ruins grace.

And follow path to the nearby shack.

You have to examine ledge near the cliff.

It is the only area that still works.

After that, you have to ride back for the running start.

Follow the exact route.

And double jump towards the white spire.

You have to turn right when falling (slide on wall).

Success if stake of Marika appears.

You will need to select stake of Marika and wait.

You are now at Consecrated snowfield.

Go to Ordina Liturgical Town grace.

And det map fragment of area.

Total map of Elden ring.