Giant Conquering Hero's Grave in Elden Ring

Start at ancient snow valley ruins grace.

Then you have to go to freezing lake grace.

And make your way to Giants' gravepost grace.

Go to Giant conquering  hero's grave.

And enter the giant conquering hero's grave.

After that, go to giant conquering  hero's grave grace.

You have to find and hit a fake wall.

Go to the end and jump down.

And follow the path.

You will need to go down the lift.

Pull level to lower door.

And lure the troll to lift.

You have to go up lift to remove the troll force field.

Go back down the lift.

And beat troll using magic Glintblade cheese.

Go through the open door.

After that, enter the mist.

And fight the ancient hero of Zamor.

Get Zamor armor set and curved sword.

Exit equip and Zamor and weapon.

And then examine 360 degree view.

You have to try some attacks.

2 handed guard (L1).

Special skill (L2).

Jump attacks (X +R2).

This is a good endgame build.