Godskin Apostle Twinblade of Black Flames - Elden Ring

Location: The Godskin peeler is a rare item dropped by a godskin Apostle. It can be found in the windmill village at Altus Plateau.

You either get two halves of the dectus Medallion to operate the grand lift of the dectus, to gain access to the Atlus Plateau.

To gain access to a lift that will take you there, you have to defeat the Magma Wyrm on top of the Ruin-Strewn Precipice.

North west of the capital outskirts, Windmill village can be found.

Godskin Apostle: Time your dodges properly, because Godskin the Apostle is very aggressive.

In its second phase, the godskin apostle will be able to stretch his body to attack you.

Be careful when you see it spinning its weapon because it can also use the Black flame Tornado against you.

It scales mainly with DEX, STR, and FAITH, Godskin peeler is a twinblade with a unique skill.

It deals fire damage surrounding the user because its default weapon skill is black flame tornado.

Black Flame tornado's casting time is very slow but has a considerable area of effect.

Twinblades are strong because of the amount of hits it gives per attack not because of their raw damage.

With any ashes of war, godskin peeler can be attached and it can be enchanted with Frostbite, Bleed, poison, etc.

For Twinblade users it is a great weapon that can inflict status ailments on their enemies.