Nepheli Loux and Kenneth Haight Complete Questline - Elden Ring

Introduction-Extended Questline

Before we begin, I want to clarify that if you started Seluvis' questline You must Not give the potion to nephell Loux.

Quickly tell Gideon about it, and he will take care of the potion for you.

It is also suggested not to kill Gostoc. He will sell you some useful items at the end of the quest.

Nepheli Loux-Stormveil Castle: n the Stormveil Castle, there is a room between the liftside Chamber and the Secluded cell. In that room, you will find Nepheli Loux.

In Stormveil castle, players will first encounter Nepheli Loux speaking over the body of a slain knight.

She is going to ask you to help her. She wants you to fight the Grafted.

Outside the boss room, her summoning sign will now be available.

After defeating Godrick, this will allow gostoc to spawn and it will be kicking Godrick's corpse.

After Godrick is killed, Nepehli Loux will appear at the Roundtable Hold.

The still silent Ensha, you can find her standing opposite.

If you speak to her, she will reward you with the Arsenal charm, and then tell you that Gideon ofnir is her father.

Albanuric Village Massacre: Under the bridge of the village of Albinaurics, Nepheli can next be found.

This is going to be in the swamp beneath the large rock formation. You're not going to get up that cliff, so don't bother looking.

You'll need to talk to her more in order to know about her past. You need to talk to her and find out what she intends to do to those responsible for the village's fall.

Prior to exploring the village, if you spoke to Nepheli.

When you fight the village boss titled omenkiller, she will become available as a gold summon.

Return to Roundtable Hold: She will move to the Roundtable Hold, after your interaction with Nepheli at the village of Albinaurics.

Next to smithing Master Hewg, talk to Nepheli at the bottom of the staircase.

Talk to Gideon to find out that he disowned Nepheli because she doubted him.

The Stormhawk king: Players can give Nepheli's the ashes of the Stormhawk king, To help alleviate her distress.

You can find this by going back to the chapel of anticipation in Liurnia.

By using an imbued sword key on the statues, the teleporter can be activated.

On top of the four belfries, one can be found.

There are two more that can be found in Raya Lucaria and Sellia in Caelid, if you have used one of them on other portals.

On a corpse on the rooftop of the academy, the imbued sword key in Raya lucaria can be found.

A town of sorcery east of called, the third one can be found in Sellia.

To unseal the treasure chest containing the imbued sword key, you need to light the torches of the towers.

This first area of the game is the Chapel of Anticipation.

At the beginning of the game, you will have to fight the Grafted scion if you haven't defeated it.

Go back to the chapel where you first woke up, after defeating the Grafted scion.

There will be a staircase that will lead you to the storm hawk king key item, at the right of the entrance.

To proceed with the questline, go back to the roundtable hold and give the stormhawk king ashe.

Kenneth haight-Limgrave (Near Mistwood): On the ruins north of Mistwood, look for Kenneth Haight.

When you first talk to Kenneth, he will ask you to clear out his fort to the south. It is past the Mistwood.

He will present the tarnished with a reward, after completing the task.

Fort Haight: In the southeast of Mistwood Ruins, Fort Haight can be found.

Fast traveling to the Fort Haight West site of Grace or access it by riding over there.

To complete Kenneth Haight's task, kill all of the enemies guarding the fort.

Kenneth's will reward you with an Erdsteel Dagger, when you return to his location.

Accept it to continue with the quest, after he will ask the tarnished to join his true order.

Fort Haight revisited: Once again, go to Fort Haight and look for Kenneth.

Eliminate demi-humans before talking to Kenneth on top of the fort because the fort will now be occupied by them.

By the state of the fort, he will be disheartened and will now search for a new Lord of Limgrave.

To continue with the questline, exhaust his dialogue.

The Grafted site of grace and proceed to the throne room after fast traveling to the Godrick.

The Lady of Limgrave: Inside, you should find Nepheli, Kenneth, and Gostoc.

You will receive an ancient Dragon smithing stone as a reward after exhausting Nepheli's dialogue.

To learn more about Nepheli's current status as lady of Limgrave, talk to Kenneth.

Until Gostoc opens up a shop that sells one Ancient dragon smithing stone for 20000 runes, talk to him.