Prelate's Inferno Crozier - Elden Ring

Prelate's inferno Crozier drops from the enemy fire prelate wielding it.

Location: West of seethewater Terminus site of grace, the fire prelate can be found on Mt. Gelmir.

For anyone who is still beginning to play, there is a bridge north of Stormhill shack that leads to a path around Stormvale castle. This will lead you to Leurnia.

Until you reach the ravine-Veiled village site of grace, follow the waters of Liurnia all the way to the north.

Make your way past the Ruin-strewn Precipice after climbing them.

Once you've reached the end of the precipice, you will eventually have to fight magma Wyrm makar because defeating makar is one of the ways to access the Atlus Plateau.

In fort Laiedd, Prelate's inferno Crozier can be found somewhere in Mt. Gelmir.

How to Get Three: You can skip to 01:45, if you already know how to get to Mt. Gelmir.

To enter the premises, head to the right side of fort laiedd.

In this game, you can choose to fight or run away from enemies.

Watch out for the fire bursting on top of its head, fight and defeat the Fire prelate.

How to Beat the Boss: Dodge the hammer swing! It deals a lot of damage.

It's a pretty straightforward fight apart from that.

Weapon Showcase: This weapon has the ability to slam down and create a trail of fire damaging nearby enemies.