The Slumbering Lord of the Tundra in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

After speaking with the commander about the final lord.

Go to the captain's office to get more information.

Go to the village gate and defeat Rei/Akari.

In this battle, you will face a Mr. Mime, a Staravia, and a Pikachu.

Travel to Alabaster Iceland and explore the legacy of Avalugg at the center of the man.

Gaeric will challenge you to a battle.

Gaeric will send a Glalie at level 48 and a Froslass at level 24.

Sabi will guide you to Whiteout Valley.

In the north, there is a temple called Snow Point, go towards it.

Solve the puzzle to reach the floor.

First door: Rock>Steel>Ice

Second door Ice>Rock>Steel>Rock>Ice

Third Door Steel>Ice>Rock>Ice>Steel>Rock

Sabi has graciously accepted your challenge. Go to the top of the tower and battle him.

In this battle, Sabi will send in a Lv50 Rhyperior, a Lv30 Magmortar, and a Lv30 Electivire.

Ascend the stairs and prove your strength to Braviary, which will be at Lv54.

Fly down to the center of the Earth and pick up a piece of ice that never melts.

The frenzied nobleman is a powerful enemy. He must be quelled in the icepeak arena.

Time to go back and report your success to commander Kamado.