How to Beat Magma Wyrm Makar - Elden Ring  

You have to go to ruin-strewn precipice outlook grace.

And then go west towards the mist door.

You will need to summon helper great horned Tragoth.

Wait to summon sound, then enter mist.

Note that Antspur rapier weapon wielded.

Antspur rapier causes Scarlet rot.

You have to use the Antspur rapier against the dragon.

Boss dragon is magma Wyrm makar.

A great horned targoth is summoned by an NPC.

You will need to sneak towards the back of the dragon.

And hold R2 or press many R1.

After that, let your helper attract dragon attention.

Be prepared to roll away from fire.

Summon rotten stray (bites Scarlet rot).

You have to keep poking with the Antspur rapier.

Scarlet rot started on the dragon.

Wait for dragon health to drop to zero.

Get magma wyrm's scale sword.

And dragon heart.

After that, activate magma wyrm grace.

Go back up to the ground level.

See Magma wyrm's scale sword stats.

See moveset.

See Moveset R1.

See Moveset R2.

See Moveset L1.

See Moveset L2.

Fire burns others, not you.

Switch two handed mode hold triangle + R2.

2 Handed moveset R1.

2 Handed moveset  R2.

2 Handed moveset L1.

2 Handed moveset L2.

Try weapon on new guard in Ver 1.03.

Regular R1 causes fire damage.