How to Beat Morgott in Elden Ring

You will need to go to Queen's Bedchamber in Leyndell.

Go up the staircase on the right.

Summon Melina because she is very helpful.

Options-> right-> triangle on a pouch.

After that, select Margit's Shackle.

And buy from Patches the Margit's Shackle.

This cheese uses a scarlet Rot weapon.

And get the magic Glintblade From Miriel.

You can use Lusat's Glintstone staff from Sellia.

After that, enter the mist to fight Margott.

First time meeting Margott Cutscene.

You will need to summon Rotten stray.

Lock R3 on Margott and get close.

After that, use Margit's Shackle (triangle + down).

And then use Antspur rapier to apply scarlet rot.

You have to back away and switch to Glintstone staff.

Cast R1 until all FP (blue bar) uses FP.

Drink (square) Cerulean tears to refill FP.

You have to repeat casting magic Glintblade spells.

Avoid golden sword area.

But don't get too close, let Melina Tank.

At Margott half Health, you need to stay back.

You have to stay very far away in second half of fight.

And wait for scarlet rot to damage over time.

Margott defeated.

Get Margott's great rune.

And then get Remembrance of the omen king.

After that, go up to Erdtree.

Touch wall of thorns.

And then go back to activate Elden throne grace.

Reset at grace to hear Melina talk.

Get Rold Medallion from Melina.

Check map for red marks.