How to Catch Flying Pokemon in Pokémon Legends: Arceus

To catch a rare Pokemon, you may need a few throws. Be sure to have lots of Pokeballs and other goodies before moving forward.

The Flying Staraptor is a rare Pokemon that can be caught between two cliffs near Nature's Pantry.

Now Zoom in.

For your first catch, you must head to the area where these types of pokemon are most prevalent. Clear the area of other wild pokemon or sneak around to avoid them.

There are some aggressive pokemon here, but they are not too difficult to handle. However, you should catch staraptor quickly because they are hard to find.

You will find it near the fruit tree.

A Flying Pokémon called Gyarados circles the sky above a waterfall northeast of deertrack heights.

It may be a bit difficult to spot from afar due to its color, but once you're near the edge of the cliff it will be much clearer.

A Pokemon may escape multiple times, roar, and then continue to fly.

Keep trying until you catch it.

Togekiss flies above the lake on the southeastern side of the mountain.

There are a lot of strong Pokemon around here, and you'll need to use some strong ones yourself.

Flying Togetic loves to fly around the bolderoll slope.

Zoom In.

In this area, there are Pokemon that will attack you. These Pokemon can be avoided or defeated, so you should have no trouble catching this Togetic.

Magnezone can be found flying above Clamberclaw cliffs.

The easiest way to find this Pokemon is to use Braviary to fly over and immediately land on the cliffside, bypassing any Pokemon along your path.

Honchcrow can be found flying near a cliff by bather's lagoon.

Zoom In.

The fastest way to find this pokemon is by heading to Bather's Lagoon at night. Then use Wrydeer's flight to go up in the sky and look around!