How To Catch The Flying Magnezone - Pokémon Legends: Arceus 

When you're trying to catch Pokemon, you need ample supplies of apricons and Tumblestones. I suggest making about 20 or more feather Balls before going after the Pokemon.

Location: Coronet Highlands-Along Clamberclaw cliffs.

To catch Magnezone, you must be prepared for a fight. It is not an easy task to catch it.

Location: Coronet Highlands-South of Celestica trail.

Adjust your aim to get on the path of your target.

You may need to test the distance a bit, especially when you see Magnezone near sunset.

Point the crosshair in the direction of the target.

This feather ball is a great tool for capturing these kinds of pokemon. It has a better range and trajectory than regular poke balls.

Once you've mastered the basics, stop and think about how you can get better at it.

When the Pokemon is about to get away, it may roar and fly again. That's when you want to strike.

The most important thing is to hold ZR. If you aim at the same spot and hold ZR, you can throw another boomerang immediately if they escape the first one.

As soon as the Magnezone flies in, you'll have to keep repeating the same attack. Don't stop until they're unable to move.

In order to catch another Pokémon, you must do three things. First, you must wait a certain amount of time. Second, you must rest at a Pokémon Center (or use a healing item). Finally, you must walk away from the Pokémon in order to return to the main area.

Magnezone is rare, but if you catch it you might find another quickly.