How to Catch The Flying Togekiss - Pokémon Legends: Arceus

If you are trying to catch a Pokemon, you will need a lot of Pokeballs. You should make sure to collect many Apricons and Sky Tumblestones to make lots of Feather balls.

This is the location: Obsidian fieldlands. The cliff overlooks Lake Verity.

Once you reach the cliffs, there are a number of Pokemon that may attack you. You need to defeat them before you can catch Togekiss in peace.

Position your crosshair in the right place.

You need to prepare and strategize. You may need to train your Pokemon or throw a few Poke Balls before you can catch togekiss.

Move your crosshair until it is positioned perfectly.

Pokeballs are good, but feather balls are better. Feather balls have a longer range, which makes them ideal for capturing Pokemon that like to stay away from their trainers.

When you begin to aim, don't move. It's hard to get the hang of it, but focus on the goal and throw your feather balls straight ahead.

The Pokemon might escape multiple times, but you will have the upper hand. You should take advantage of that opportunity to attack it.

Keep aiming at the same spot by holding ZR so that if they do escape you can release it immediately to throw another one.

You'll catch them mid-roar, unable to move out of the way, just keep repeating until you have your flying Togekiss.

If you're looking to spawn another one there are three ways to do so: Waiting, Resting, and leaving the Area to return to Jubilife village.

Often, the first few times you catch Togekiss, another will quickly take its place.