How To Catch The Flying Togetic - Pokémon Legends: Arceus

It may take a little while to capture the Pokemon, so be sure to prepare lots of tools like Apricons and Sky Tumblestones to make about 20 or more Feather Balls.

In the Crimson Mirelands, there is a cliff near the Bolderoll Stope, get there.

For your shot to be successful, make sure you aim for the center of their movement.

Location: Crimson Mirelands - On a cliff by Bolderoll Stope.

You may need to test this out. It's hard to see at night, so you might have to try and catch it during the day.

You must adjust your position until your crosshair is aligned with their path.

The special 'Feather Ball' is a great tool for capturing flying Pokemon. It has the same trajectory as a regular Pokeball, but the range is much better, allowing you to catch more Pokemon on the way down.

Once you've got a good spot, stay put and throw your feather balls.

When the Pokemon is escaping, it will roar and fly away. Use this opportunity to catch it.

If your attack misses, you can keep holding ZR to keep throwing more attacks. If they dodge one, you can release to throw another one.

You will catch them mid-roar, unable to move away. Keep repeating the phrase until you get your Flying Togekiss.

If you want to catch another Pokemon, there are three ways to do so: waiting, resting or leaving the area.

Togekiss is often replaced by another Pokemon quickly after you catch it.