How to Check and Change the Moon Phase - Pokémon Legends: Arceus

In order to evolve Ursaring and catch Clefairy, a full moon is necessary.

By manually progressing the days, you can manipulate the phases of the moon and catch certain Pokemon much easier.

At a base camp, you can change the phases of the moon by simply resting until nightfall.

The game's internal clock is programmed to reset every month, so you can do this a number of times equal to the phases of the moon before a full one.

Each time you advance the clock, you move the moon phase forward by one.

When you leave Jubilife City, your progress on this quest will not be reset.

If you're trying to evolve your ursaring into a ursaluna, this is the last step you need to take.

At night, you can check if ursaring is compatible with the peat block by opening the menu and hovering over the block.

If not, wait until nightfall again until the blue compatible symbol is shown.

To find out the phase of the moon, you'll need to have a clear view of it.

It doesn't matter whether it's over a hill or in a clearing. What matters is that you can see the sky, and you can tell what the moon looks like.

When the weather is bad, it can be difficult to see the moon.

Note each moon phase before moving the day forward.

To evolve an ursaring into an ursaluna, you must evolve it during a full moon!

Start with a peat block. When the full moon is out, use it on an ursaring. Voila! You have an ursaluna for your team!