How to Enter Academy in Elden Ring

You will need to go to Godrick the grafted grace.

And then go to the lake-facing cliffs grace.

You have to use a horse to drop to a lower level.

After that, go to Liurnia Highway south grace.

And use a teleporter in purified ruins.

Next, you will need to go to south Raya Lucaria gate grace.

Get a meeting place map and look at it.

After that, mark a similar location on the game map.

And follow the path to the lake area.

Go around and go towards the marker.

Sneak in to get the academy glintstone key.

Or you can fight a dragon directly.

You have to use Antspur rapier and rotten stray.

And attack to inflict Scarlet rot buildup.

Once a dragon has Scarlet rot, you have to hide.

Wait for the dragon to die from Scarlet rot.

Glintstone dragon Smarag dead.

After that, you have to fast travel to the south Raya Lucaria gate.

Examine seal to enter academy.

Then go to the main academy gate grace.

You have arrived.