How to Get Axe of Godrick - Elden Ring

In the roundtable hold, the axe of Godrick can be found.

You must defeat Godrick in Stormveil Castle to claim the axe.

When fighting godrick, you must be mobile and use the open area to your advantage.

Keep an eye on his arm because it can shoot fire.

You will be rewarded with the remembrance of the grafted, once godrick has been vanquished.

Go to the table of lost grace into the roundtable hold.

Speak to Enia after going into a room in the southern area.

For the axe of godrick, trade the remembrance.

The axe of Godrick is a good weapon for both strength and dexterity.

In order to equip it, you must have a 34 strength and a 22 dexterity.

The axe has a high physical attack of 142 and a 100 critical rate.

With a powerful weapon at their disposal, players can use a devastating AOE attack called "I command thee kneel."

Although your attack speed will be slowed down, the power of your strikes will make up for it.

In the lands between, the axe of godrick one of the most robust weapons to use.