How to Get Azur's Glintstone Staff - Elden Ring

If you want to access this area, you will have to defeat the red wolf of radagon.

Debate parlor site of grace is located in the academy of Raya Lucaria, go there.

Exit the building then make a left, from the debate parlor site of grace.

While avoiding or fighting the enemies, go through the door and go up the stairs.

You need to jump onto the roof.

Until you see a ladder, follow the rooftops.

Cross the bridge, then turn right.

Jump on the roof after running to the end.

Until you see a split on the roof, drop down from the rooftops.

Jump down after following the path to the right.

Follow the wall on the left, then jump onto the roof of the church.

On the roof, look for open windows.

Hope in and walk along the wooden beams.

Carefully drop down until you drop onto a bridge.

There will be three mages in the room. Fight them or avoid them, it's up to you.

On the east side of the area you will find a long corridor.

At the end of the corridor, there is an enemy.

After you have beaten the boss, take the azur's Glintstone Staff that lies on the ground in front of you.

Azur's glintstone staff is a powerful Elden Ring staff that has a high intelligence scaling. It can be useful for offensive spells.

High scaling means a spell will do more damage to enemies.

Magic-based players will love the staff.

The staff also has a passive ability to cast spells faster with more FP.