How to Get Black Augurites in Pokémon Legends: Arceus

Find as buried Treasue with Ursaluna

A Black Augurite is a sharp black stone that can split into two pieces. It's loved by a certain pokemon who can cut with it.

Ursaluna is a flying mount that can sometimes be found while riding Black Augurite.

Ursaluna is good at finding important items and materials for your team as well. When you ride it, be sure to also hunt for other evolutionary items and materials.

Graveler Drops Black Augurite

Graveler is a Pokémon that can sometimes drop Black Augurite.

Although they can be found all over the map, Gravelers are generally concentrated in mountainous regions.

Pokemon that evolve via Black Augurite

The Black Augurite is used to evolve Scyther into Kleiver.

Just use it in your bag and after that select the Scyther that you would like to evolve.