How to Get Chimchar in Pokémon Legends: Arceus

The Obsidian Fieldlands is the only place you can find chimchars.

At Ramanash Island and Deertrack Heights

Chimchars are mysterious creatures that appear at any time of day, but they're easier to find when it's more humid.

Ramanas is a much more commonplace to find chimachars than around the rest of the island.

They appear one at a time.

Once you leave the area or change the time of day, they usually respawn.

It's not easy to scare off a Chimchar.

In fact, they would sometimes follow you.

If you start running, you'll never catch it. You need to approach it with caution.

Chimchars are more easily caught if they are not aware of the danger.

Food is one of the most effective ways to lure them.

Mushroom, honey, grains, or beans

Make your move and throw a Poke ball at it.

The Chimchar spawn rate at Deertrack Heights is lower.

You must be patient to catch one in this area.

The Process remains the same when catching one.

Be careful not to startle it and lure it with food then make your move.