How to Get Dragongreat Claw & Dragonclaw Shield - Elden Ring

After defeating the Draconic Tree sentinel at the capital outskirts, the dragongreat claw and the dragonclaw shield are dropped.

Go to Altus Plateau.

By defeating the magma wyrm maker in the Ruin-Strewn precipice, unlocking this area can be done.

For protection and to use flasks, use the structure at the boss's arena center.

Reposition accordingly because its attack animations are extremely recognizable.

Travel east towards Altus highway junction, once at Altus Plateau.

When you head to the junction, knights and other troops are scattered around the area. You have to avoid their attacks and move as quickly as possible.

When you reach the crossroads, two guardians will be waiting for you. You can simply run past them and enter the outskirts of the capital.

Once you get there, take a left and go up the stairs.

In case of a Gargoyle, expect it to swoop down if you haven't defeated it yet, like the Sentinels. You can just escape them.

Travel east after heading up the battlefield.

Until you reach an open field, follow the path.

Two golem archers are waiting to shoot you and there is another one behind a tree.

Until you reach the end of the field, evade or eliminate them.

By poison or scarlet rot, the Draconic sentinel can be affected.

Stay on Torrent as you deal damage, use items like wax or arrows to aid you in your battle.

You will receive both dragongreat claw and the dragonclaw shield, once the sentinel falls.

It is advisable to use them separately to utilize their individual abilities, although you can get these items together.

If you equip the dragonclaw shield, you will gain a 118 physical attack and 100 critical damage as well as an additional 76 lightning power.

The shield is a weapon that both defends and attacks. It can block heavy attacks and also deals a significant amount of damage in its own right.

However, a dragon's claw has 120 physical attack and 100 critical damage.

This weapon's 78 lightning damage is useful in defeating enemies that have the ability to stagger you.

To fully utilize its skills, this weapon requires its users to have 30 strength and 14 dex.

In order to become the Elden lord, these weapons in your arsenal will aid you.