How to Get Every Evolutionary Item - Pokémon Legends: Arceus

You can find plenty of Evolution Stones and Items at the Trading Post in Jubilife Village.

Note that purchasing from this shop uses Merit Points.

You can get Merit Points by picking up Lost Satchels on the field.

Exchange the Lost Satchels in the Lost and Found to get some Merit Points.

Found By Collecting Ore with Pokemon

While it's rare, you may find some Evolutionary Stones by collecting ore with your Pokemon.

Look out for sparkling nodes.

Can Be Picked Up In Space-Time Distortion Zones

Some evolutionary Items can be found on the ground in Space-Time Distortion Zones.

Be sure to check these zones if you are looking for some Evolutionary Items.

Find As Buried Treasure With Ursaluna

Some of these items (Black Augurite and Peat Block) can be found by using Ursaluna to dig buried treasure.

If you ride Ursaluna, you'll have a strong chance of finding some.

Use The Items To Evolve Certain Pokemon

Once you've identified the right Evolutionary Item for a certain Pokemon, just use it in the menu.

If you do this, your Pokemon will evolve into a new form.